Gucci - the spirits of wealth and luxury

Aroma surrounding its owner, this image of the final note.It is not surprising that the powers that be choose for themselves the brand Gucci, spirits from which have become synonymous with wealth and success.

That means luxury

indomitable passion and exquisite splendor could pour into a bottle perfumers fashion house Gucci.The entire line is built on contrasts: modern and classic, restraint and impulsiveness ... Fragrance Gucci became the quintessence of the brand and the people who are building it.

idea complements the image of their own perfume belongs to the son of maestro Guccio Gucci, Aldo.With his light hand was developed first fragrance - "Gucci №1", which became a symbol of Italian flair.Famous spirits made in 1974 to Aldo Guy Robert, and two years later he also created the first men's eau de toilette Gucci Pour Homme.

Both fragrance built on a thin weave citrus, floral, woody and musky notes.What is surprising, male and female fragrances express the essence of a kind.Female filled w

ith the smell of leading floral notes, men, by contrast, radiates resistant citrus-woody fragrance.

Gucci perfume today presented a ruler of 40 exquisite perfumes, each of which was the creation of the great masters.At various times this trademark collaborated Alerak Michel Maurice Rusel, Karin Dyurёy Dominic Ropon, Guy Robert and the other famous "noses".

Gucci perfume - women's fragrance

Unbeatable female composition Gucci suit the nature of any woman.

In 2007, the company produces Gucci - spirits, designed to embody the character of the company.Elijah Ermendes decided that the best are the fashion house will give a floral-chypre fragrance.The composition is simple and elegant: the smell opens exotic guava and pear heart of the composition consists of the tiare flower, gorgeous trail - from the web of patchouli, musk and honey.Spirits are created for a passionate and provocative woman.

In 2010 collection of luxury women's fragrances Gucci fills Premiere.Unveiled at Cannes, he just created for successful, stylish and very feminine woman.He becomes literally a second skin for the owner of this fragrance.Top notes of bergamot and orange blossom when meeting sparkle like champagne.At the heart of white flowers intertwined and musk.Rounding out the composition mix of leather and wood aromas.These spirits toilet - only for the star.

2012 witnessed the release of the collection "Flower Garden" Gucci.Five flavors - five different states of the mysterious female soul.Gardenia, tuberose, violet, mandarin and magnolia flowers complete image of any stylistic direction.One need only pick up your The Flora Garden.

Gucci perfume.Men's fragrances.Key creation

In 2000, designers odors Daniela (Roche) and Antoine Endrer Mezendё presented to the world a free and daring fragrance - Gucci perfume Rush for Men.This fragrance is designed to reveal the soul of men, to unleash their desires and boldly pursue their implementation.Designers easily combine oriental spicy aromas with smoky notes of wild lavender gently flows into the mix of sandalwood, oukumy, incense and cedar, ending a long train of patchouli, sandalwood and white musk.

2013 presented their new fragrance for men - Guilty Black pour Homme, who became the personification of the modern, brash, energetic and successful gentleman.According to experts, this odor has no age limits.It's designed for a man he said that he is a man, without any reservations and compromises to live the magic fern smell seduce her.