Schwarzkopf Igora Color Gloss Semi-Permanent - semipermanentny cream-gel

Schwarzkopf introduced a new tool - Igora Color Gloss - pleasant and convenient in everyday use cream-gel.Development gives the hair volume and strengthens them, adds a healthy and natural shine.

If your hair has been colored, except for the above-mentioned effects, a cream-gel Igora Color Gloss significantly increase the brightness of color hair.And it is important.I must say that Igora Color Gloss is ideal for painting primary gray hair and makes it quite effectively.Generally, any cream-gel makes inconspicuous graying 40 percent.

also worth recalling that the composition of the cream-gel Igora Color Gloss are very soft caring components that fit perfectly to any type of hair and not aggravate them.After using this tool, your hair will become shiny, as if you have recently visited a beauty salon.

new tool from the company Schwarzkopf Professional is the perfect solution for those who want to change the boring shade of hair, but does not wish to use this resistant dyes.Note that the line Igor

a Color Gloss Semi-Permanent satisfy even the most demanding female.The palette of cream-gel presented a wide range of colors.

semipermanentnogo Instead of using cream-gel Igora Color Gloss, Schwarzkopf company offers its customers to use another similar product - called toning mousse Igora Expert Mousse.

mousse contains no harmful components of hair, like ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, therefore no negative effect on hair and scalp.It consists of rather large pigment grains which are not able to penetrate into the hair structure, but envelop them outside, thereby strengthening and betray a magnificent shade.You can safely wash your hair with up to eight times, after which the tool a little washed out, making the invisible boundary between the colored and natural hair.
worth noting that even the most high-quality hair color is not 100% able to maintain a bright color for a long time.And if you want to maintain the brightness of the color between visits to the hairdresser, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home, with the help of a mousse or a cream-gel Schwarzkopf Igora Color Gloss.Feedback from customers suggest that the use of these funds for coloring at home could not be better suited as they comfortable texture that allows them to easily and uniformly applied to the hair without help.

Mousse can be mixed with shampoo or conditioner, and then use this mixture every time you wash your hair.And if you want to restore the shade of your hair is not too intense, that means it is necessary to keep the head of hair to about 4 minutes.If you want to restore a bright and intense color, it is necessary to hold for longer - up to 20 minutes.After the desired amount of time should be washed off with water mousse, hair dry naturally or with a hair dryer, and then to evaluate the result.

Thus, the products Schwarzkopf, such as cream-gel and coloring mousse, this is not only an opportunity to create a new image, but also to make more complete and striking their natural appearance.