Hugo Boss Orange - the personification of the full happiness in a precious bottle!

Perfumes from the German brand Hugo Boss hit the market in 1985, although the company has been since the beginning of the twentieth century.The first experience in the creation and production of toilet water has been so successful that all future aromas of the brand has become very popular.Owners Hugo Boss pleased with this success and they decided to create a line of fragrances.From now on, every customer can find their own individual flavor.

Birth of the German brand began with the fact that Hugo Ferdinand Boss in 1923 organized a sewing workshop for the production of sportswear and working men's clothing.Since then and until now the company had its ups and downs, but the main points in their development - this issue of the first classic men's suit in 1953.This event is considered the departure of the company from the mass production of garments and turn to the world of high fashion.And in 2000, the German brand is already well known to the whole world starts to release collections of women's clothi

ng and accessories.After two years out and a children's line.

Today the brand is associated with stylish, expensive men's clothing, and especially to the production of high-quality suits.It is very popular among young people remains and casual wear, thanks to the constant company sponsoring various sporting events (racing, tennis, golf and windsurfing).

Perfume Line is now available for every connoisseur of beauty.One of the most interesting is a series of Hugo Boss Orange, which includes women's and men's fragrances and fashion collection is a continuation of the same name.This is a unique, unique style for those who are not afraid to love and to be seen and surprise surrounding the most daring combination of clothing items.

Women's perfume, presented the well-known model and actress Sienna Miller - is, first and foremost, Hugo Boss Boss Orange, released in 2009.It begins with a thin top notes of red apple, his heart harbors white flowers and orange and light trail attracts vanilla, echoing the olive and sandalwood.

Hugo Boss Orange Sunset is a mixture of purple and orange hues of the setting sun in the sunset time.The composition, woven from thin threads of mandarin, vanilla, white flowers, bergamot, sandalwood and roses, offers the holder to dive into the sensual beauty of the night time and enjoy it.

Another type of Hugo Boss Orange Woman, as a continuation of the sun, the "Orange" series - a fragrance Celebration Heppines, which gives the opportunity to enjoy true moments of happiness.In addition to the main components of the composition is added plum, cinnamon, sweet, juicy peach.All this gives a feeling of spring intoxicating air, as well as a surge of cheerfulness and optimism.

Hugo Boss Orange for men enrolled in the open access for customers in 2010.This fragrance for connoisseurs of all elegant and refined, as well as for adventurers, more capable of romance and love affairs.Perfume consists of notes of bubinga wood, sweet, sunny fruit, vanilla, incense and apple.

Men also established two more fragrance Hugo Boss Orange.This is Phil Hood Summit and the original In Motion Orange Maid fo the summit.The first is designed for young, active men seeking to win.For them, a light, unobtrusive flavor, starting with juniper, green apple, lemon, even in the sultry heat will create the effect of freshness.The heart of the perfume - a cucumber, green pear and light green tea, and the base - patchouli, moss and molecular ambrox.The second flavor even more invigorating and fresh, like a breath of fruit cocktail or Frechet mint.Here are collected vertiver, passion fruit, geranium, and, of course, mint.

bright summer sun with ripe, juicy fruits and infinitely joyful mood piece that so want to give my best friends - that's what Hugo Boss Orange!