Lacoste Perfume - bright, fresh, expressive!

brand Lacoste was founded in France in 1933. Today, it is produced by a fairly wide range of products, including optical and sunglasses, clothing, watches, tennis shoes, leather goods, perfumes (women's and men's perfume Lacoste).

Creator brand was famous tennis player Rene Lacoste, founded after his retirement from the sport his own company.First, she has specialized in the manufacture of clothing for athletes.

In 1952, sales were opened in the United States.In the 70s of the 20th century in addition to the sportswear brand "Lacoste" began to produce sunglasses, leather goods, watches, etc.

As for perfume, the first perfume Lacoste appeared in 1984.Designed they were connoisseurs of high-quality and expensive products.Feedback from those who have used these spirits, indicate that they are chosen by people of all ages, beliefs and tastes.

brand offers fragrances for both men and women.Today Lacoste is one of the best brands in the world the perfume industry.He is characterized by originality, fre

shness solutions.Line toilet waters and perfumes of this brand is very wide.It features traditional and classic fragrances, as well as recent developments in the fashion world of perfume.Choose for yourself the flavor can any fan of the brand.

Lacoste Perfume - this variety of colors flavors, combining a luxurious touch of elegance and charm.Women's fragrances at the same time full of tenderness, passion, sensuality, emotionality, self-restraint and reckless fun.

Every Lacoste perfume is a harmonious composition built in strict accordance with its concept.In general, this perfume like optimists, people who believe in themselves and strive to achieve great things.

All bottles decorated with the image of funny crocodile which has become a symbol of fashion innovations and is known throughout the world.

Perfumers brand put in jasmine, sandalwood, freesia and hibiscus, making recognizable flavor, giving it a unique character.Perfume unobtrusive, even slightly careless but have incredible appeal and distinctive charm.

How to choose a perfume Lacoste?Just follow your taste.Popular Eau de Lacoste perfume for women will appreciate the dynamic and stylish lady.They are light and feminine, floral and fruity.This sensual classic fragrance that symbolizes freshness and purity.

Women's Fragrance Inspiration Lacoste - is the freedom and enjoyment.The freedom to express emotion, enjoying every moment.This fragrance will transform every day into an unforgettable adventure.

Men's fragrance Challenge Lacoste - energetic and optimistic, addressed to those whose way of life - the game.Here you will feel the vibrant notes of bergamot, lemon and orange.

But Lacoste Lacoste - fragrance designed for elegant, quiet man who loves the warmth and appreciate the mystery of light in the image.This exotic cocktail heart notes: cardamom, juniper, pepper, cinnamon, rum, cedar and sandalwood.

Talk to him and select the flavor that will best suit your personality, mood and perception of the world!