Fragrance Lacoste pour Femme - the spirit of France

France ... How much is fraught with the name of this country!Immediately comes to mind images of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the courageous and noble Musketeers.It seems that romance and love poured into the air that smells, of course, the French perfume.

These different options

Spirits are different not only in flavor categories (fruit, marine, wood), but also for other purposes.For the convenience of customers, many manufacturers of sweet goods indicate what type of one or another flavor, of course, its function depends on what components are connected in a vial.Evening perfumes are typically more complex and bizarre composition, which gives a bright, good smell, but the daytime, for example, Lacoste pour Femme, are light and unobtrusive.It is extremely romantic and elegant fragrance for the modern woman.

What you my smell?

According to how the spirits prefers people can say a lot about his character, lifestyle and habits.Who is she - a woman with aroma Lacoste pour Femme?Undoubtedly, this l

ady loves life in all its forms, it is sincere and gentle, but that does not infantile creature.Upscale master of his craft, knows what she wants and how to get it, confident in their abilities and cheeful optimist.It is for such women was established in 2003 by leading perfumers fragrance Lacoste pour Femme.The scent is designed to blend in with her inner world, revealing it through the light and mnogorannoy composition - the same as she was.

Harmony clockwork

Each drop of this luxurious sparkling fragrance contains an incredible charge of vivacity and energy, giving its owner a wonderful mood.An exquisite combination of colors and aroma of spices surprises and delights.Of course, the real masterpieces are not subject to strict and dry logic.Can anyone answer why care fragrance Lacoste pour Femme?

However, try to play the notes spirits.Upper revealed juicy apples, sweet spicy pepper, fresh bergamot and delicate flowers freesia.Heart notes are playing subtle tints of violet, heliotrope, rose royal, bright hibiscus and jasmine.Flex generates acrid smell of suede, powerful cedar, sandalwood, incense and rare eastern labdanum, wrapping his mystical fragrance.Together, they create a symphony of light and sensuality, naivete and determination, energy and harmony.Perfume Lacoste pour Femme, reviews confirm this fact, loved by many women who characterize them as a classic urban flavor of the day, and the right to work, and for a romantic encounter.

Quality Mark

Eighty years on the world market, the work of leading perfumers and designers packing millions of readers of fragrant bottles, all this - Lacoste.Lacoste pour Femme, it is undoubtedly one of the most successful inventions of French fashion houses.Today it is difficult to find someone who does not know that the symbol of the company - a crocodile.He became a kind of seal on a unique flavor, disturbing its novelty, elegant luxury and daring fashion.

Perfume by Lacoste - is not just an interesting perfume compositions, but imizhdevye accessories, forming an image.