Spirits "Chanel Chance" - a wheel of fortune female

Whirlpool passion flower, released in 2002, fall in love with the great fans of the perfume Coco.What excited the world of women's fragrances?Of course, the perfume "Chanel Chance".

Wheel of fortune Chanel

«I had the chance, and I took advantage of them."It was this quote Coco reflects the entire bouquet, founded in flower arrangement.

fragrance smells created by designer Jacques Poldzhem, became the embodiment of his ideas of revolutionary fashion of the twentieth century.As recognized by the creator, perfume "Chanel Chance" - a hurricane, it is the door to adventure and the unknown, it's lips for a kiss disclosed.That is why they are ideal for young and daring woman, whose middle name - uniqueness.

Jacques Poldzh decided that women's success should be heard in a warm floral-fruity theme.And because the composition of the notes of hyacinth, iris, patchouli and pink pepper.Heart notes are presented a complex mixture of jasmine and citrus shades.Statement perfume "Chanel Chance" remind beauti

ful combination of musk, vetiver and pink pepper.But after several long hours for toilet water fragrance speaks excellent trail of patchouli, sounding individually on each of the fair sex.

But not only the composition of toilet water is unique, but also the shape of the vial in which it is diffused.The designers decided to abandon has become symbolic of the rectangular bottle.Spirits "Chanel Chance" dressed in a round like a wheel of fortune, capacity, all kind saying good luck in your hands, use it.

sweet aroma of fresh and warm fits perfectly into the image of insolent coquette in age from 18 to 35 years.

Each will find its continuation

fragrances for daring and young were two variations on the theme - Chanel fragrance "Chance Fresh» and «Eau tendre», or "soft water", released in 2007 and 2010.Both flavor and were written, or rather nose perfume house Chanel Jacques Poldzhu.

refreshing fragrance "Chance", released in this line, in 2007, changes the composition.It sounds the same in floral sweet, but it begin to play wood and green notes.Aroma meets its possessor with a mixture of lemon and cedar.Refreshing composition reveals delicate hints of water hyacinth, jasmine and pink pepper.It becomes more complex trail: it decided to make a perfumer of amber, teak, white musk, patchouli, iris and vetiver.Fresh is traditionally-lasting, like its predecessor.A note used toilet water makes a beautiful day scent style floral chypre.

new look at the familiar scent was represented by Jacques Poldzhem in 2010.«Eau tendre» - the third perfume "Chanel Chance", reviews of which affect contrast.Some critics considered the pinnacle of their famous line, some - just good reworked version of the flagship.Is it so?

Unlike previous versions, "Soft water" entered the market in the form of spirits, represented by fruit and flower arrangements.Top notes are composed on the contrast - a refreshing grapefruit, sweet melon and quince tart.Heart floral fragrance was true: two delicate flower - hyacinth and jasmine - are intertwined in a single note.Flex conjures up thoughts of summer forest - amber, white musk, iris and Virginia cedar.Such a sweet combination does not prevent it from Chanel perfumes have a reputation for true summer.

entire line of "Chance" is based on the opposition and causes the same reaction.But the only thing that really can be argued - "Chance" is the same as fickle young lady's soul.