Perfume Escentric Molecule 01 - perfumes future

very young German brand Escentric, without having to appear in the world of fashion perfume, made a lot of noise.This is not surprising - after all, he very notion of "Perfume" turned upside down.

His appearance known worldwide trading house obliged talented young German perfumer Geza Schoen, who founded the company in 2005.His daring, you might say, a revolutionary approach to the creation of perfume fragrances is to use just one, but amazingly versatile music, has the effect of pheromones.

hard to describe how quickly the overwhelming success of the company to break out of Germany, and has spread around the world.Like some kind of epidemic every day fragrance win millions of grateful fans waiting for something new and unique.Today we can say with certainty that Esctntric Molecules conquer the world.These spirits are such world stars as Kate Moos, Christina Aguilera, Naomi Campbell, Elton John, Madonna and others.

secret of success perfume Escentric Molecule lies in its formula, its unique compo

sition.This is an artificially synthesized substance, which is called Iso At Super.Each fragrance companies soloist molecule of the substance, it is an unusual way is playing on the skin, charms and captivates.

Spirits "molecules" do not have the traditional top notes.Perfumers, creates a unique composition, retained only the base flavors and heart are filled with molecules ambroksana identical rare species ambergris.It is a component of animal origin, has a sharp smell slightly sweet with hints.

Clean and surprisingly harmonious flavor Molecule 01 overflows thrill and excitement, gives an indescribable joy.Surrounding feel sincere admiration and surprise.Anyone who enjoys the scent of Molecule 01 emits radiance and confidence.Exquisite delicate scent disappears, then reappears.

Molecule 01 fragrance fans all over the world are surprised by how much sense is such a simple composition.It improves mood, helps to forget about the problems of life, and the calm and warm colors reminiscent of home.This fragrance is especially good in winter when we all dream wrap yourself in a warm blanket and watch the fire in the fireplace.Geza Schoen

took into account the tastes of many people, and has made 01 Molecule in the composition in the form of a variety of bright and juicy notes of iris, pink pepper and lime.With this fragrance sounds natural, but much richer.Experts and specialists in the perfume note that despite the seeming simplicity of flavor Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, it is extremely difficult to grasp the essence.

We all fall in love with some flavor of his first sound - the way we hear it for the first time.This fully applies to smells "molecule" monoaromatam, do not change the sound.At first glance, simple and perfectly natural, but it causes a feeling of sheer delight.

composition "Molecule 01" has some special, attractive effect.These spirits are fascinating, tempting and not let go.Perhaps the secret of such attractiveness lies in the unique personality of their creator.That's it - Geza Schoen - could understand what really need modern connoisseurs and lovers of perfumery.