Facial cleansing in the cabin: an important element of skin care

shining healthy skin is not always the generous gift of nature.Most modern women seeking beauty and youth through constant work on her face.However, many are actively using traditional recipes, however, a procedure such as cleaning person in the cabin, no one has repealed.

salon treatment for perfect skin

natural home care - is the basis of facial beauty.Even the clean skin in the absence of proper care of it loses its appeal and a healthy glow.Therefore, it is important to every morning and evening to carry out thorough cleansing of the face of street dust, dirt and a thick layer of makeup.But from time to time cleaning person in the cabin is a must - because no domestic cosmetics can not be completely removed from the skin of the remains of dead cells and deep contamination.

So, what kinds of cleaning can offer modern beauty treatments?The most popular of them - manual, laser hardware and facial cleansing.A closer look at each of these techniques.

Hand cleansing

Manual cleaning person

in the cabin includes several stages:

  • for cleaning with special professional tools.
  • use of tonics.
  • Effective steaming herbal decoctions (using a special device - a vaporizer).
  • next stage - direct manual cleaning.In order not to enter into the pores of the infection, use special wipes.
  • After all impurities are removed and cleaned the pores, the skin is processed by special antiseptic solution.
  • After the antiseptic treatment begins with a soothing mask, which reduces inflammation and cares about the rapid narrowing of the enlarged pores.
  • The final stage - applying a light, easily absorbed protective cream.

This type of cleaning is very effective, it can be removed all visible dark spots and acne.However, immediately after the procedure and even the next day may be severe reddening of the skin.

hardware cleaning person in the cabin is very similar to the manual.The only difference is that the black spots are not removed manually, using a special vacuum machine.After the procedure, the skin is left traces and redness, but the device can not cope with deep impurities, so they must be removed by a manual method.The advantages of the procedure can be attributed to the overall facial massage, which is carried out while cleaning the vacuum.

latest cosmetic techniques

They undoubtedly include ultrasound and laser facial cleansing.Comments about these procedures are extremely positive in nature - the majority of women remain extremely pleased with the results of these techniques.

Shoe ultrasound is ideal for women with sensitive skin, and laser cleaning copes not only with imperfections, but also eliminates their consequences - scars, pits, small scars.

It is said that you need to choose the method of cleaning is not only in accordance with their financial capabilities.The fact is that for a given procedure may have contraindications, so its decision is required to discuss with the beautician.