Homeopathic remedies "Otsilokoktsinum."

Many mothers and pregnant women have resorted to homeopathic remedies in the treatment of colds.And often buy the drug "Otsilokoktsinum" for children.Reviews of this versatile tool: some enthuse its effectiveness, others call pacifier.Let us consider what constitutes a drug, how it can help in the treatment of SARS, acute respiratory infections and influenza.

Feature medication "Oscillococcinum»

medicine produced in white granules.They are in plastic pallets and cardboard packs with instructions.The composition includes an extract of the liver and heart barbariyskih ducks and additional substances: lactose and sucrose.

Recorded overdose, interaction with other drugs, the pharmacokinetics of the manufacturer has not provided.Possible side effects in the form of allergic reactions from receiving pellets "Otsilokoktsinum."Can the children of this drug?Rarely pediatricians prescribe this medicine to a child.Most often it is bought mom, after reading reviews from the forums.

medicament it is not chea

p (about 300 rubles), but the result of its application unpredictable.This is due to its homeopathic character.It is known that the result of receiving homeopathic pills less visible than after application of chemicals.But while there are cases where the placebo relieves people from incurable diseases.

How to make pellets "Otsilokoktsinum"?

Instructions for use for adults and children prescribe the same treatment as the dosage is determined depending on the age or not a person's weight (as is the case with conventional chemicals), and the severity of the disease.Many doctors is alarming.

Moreover, in television programs devoted to health, Malyshev and Kozlov said that in their studies the drug was ineffective in the treatment of influenza, SARS, acute respiratory infections and other cold-related diseases.At the same time the French active (about 95 years) treated granules means "Otsilokoktsinum."

Instructions for use for children to plant requires a dose in a small amount of water, and adults to keep sweet balls under the tongue until completely dissolved.The granules can be taken before meals (for fifteen minutes) or after (about an hour) as follows:

  • for the prevention of seasonal flu in the weekly once one dose;
  • the appearance of cold symptoms 1 dose three times at intervals of 6 hours;
  • disease during the dose twice a day for three days.

Why doctors do not recognize the drug granules "Otsilokoktsinum»

Instructions for use for children and adults with severe disease states that if within 24 hours of being is not improving, but rather worsening, contact yourdoctor.Furthermore, the extract of duck liver and heart can cure influenza?Referring to medical research.

created the drug by Joseph Roy in 1919 for the treatment of cancer by bacteria otsillokokkov.He saw such bacteria in the blood of patients with cancer, rheumatism, tuberculosis, influenza, herpes through an optical microscope.However, apart from Roy, the bacteria can not be for 95 years and see no scientist.

After the first failure of the vaccine, made on the basis of human blood, the Frenchman made product based on duck heart and liver.He mistakenly called them barbariyskimi, as in fact they are called musk.

Then all researchers tormented by the question of how to cure drug "Otsilokoktsinum" (instructions for use for children, infants, adults, seniors prescribes uniform dosage)?Homeopaths reply that improvement comes at the expense of the memory of water.

However, this method of preparation of the homeopathic dilutions diluted hundred times (200SK).This means that the procedures for reusable water can leach material tubes, sugar during mastication may itself evolve, and from dust are not perfect.Therefore, the genetic memory of the primary structure of water are not talking.

Consequently, each defines himself whether to trust homeopathic remedies "Oscillococcinum".Whatever the outcome, it is actively sold in more than 50 countries and is recommended as a preventive tool in the season of colds.