US children's sizes, or how to choose the right clothes?

For fans of online shopping has long been commonplace to buy clothes and shoes at US stores, staying at home in front of your computer monitor.And this is not surprising given the current progress, thanks to which is carried out in a minimum term of delivery by sea, air and land transport.On average, a small package with the purchased things online comes in 3-4 weeks, so that it is possible to adjust ordering seasonal things in advance.It should only learn children's sizes and the United States to understand what parameters they correspond to.

Why do I need to know the size grid?

main difficulty of such purchases is not commodity shipping is, after all, there are many intermediary companies and carriers.But choosing the right size - it is no easy task, because the adult and children's sizes US - like shoes and clothes - are different from ours.Most people probably know that in America almost all quantities are measured in other units.For example, if we have taken to determine the length in centimet

ers, is there for this purpose inches instead of kilograms - pounds, even familiar to us there Celsius replaced by Fahrenheit.It is also the case with clothing: children's sizes are different from US customary for our region.That is why, before you order something, you need to decide which parameters, namely growth, the volume of the head, chest, waist and hips, meet certain size.This knowledge will be very useful to the buyer and will be able to prevent the error, and wasted time and money.To understand, there is a special children's clothing size table United States, using which, you can easily determine the correct height and the recommended age of the child.

What can attract online shopping abroad?

Firstly, it should be noted that in foreign online shops value for money, usually a pleasant surprise.So really the real thing, even taking into account the delivery will be much cheaper bought on the spot.This is especially true of children's clothes, because what is offered in our markets and in the shops, often can not be compared either in appearance or composition of the materials used.This is not an assumption, because what has been done in China for America or Europe, a much higher quality of goods that are sold in local stores.Second, it is referred to the current view, where all the lines are smooth, and the color is not vystiryvaetsya, and basically things are much brighter and more cheerful.

So when shopping all the benefits already announced, it remains only to determine compliance with the US children's sizes and ours, long familiar to all.To do this, there is a system, which is very easy to understand.

How to determine the right size?

Children US sizes for children up to 2 years

0 to 3 months.

size S

From 3 to 6 months.

size M

From 6 to 9 months.

size L

height in cm 48 58 61 66 68 71
weight in kg 2 5 55 7 7,2 8,1

12 months

size S

18 months

size M

24 months

size L

height in cm 73 76 78 81 83 89
weight in kg 8,7 9 9,5 10,5 11 12,5

US children's sizes are determined by the child's age, height and weight, which is very convenient, because the physiological development at all different.And based on the supplied parameters, you can select the most suitable option.