How many years should be the child's teeth.

Every baby teething occurs in different ways: one is crying and capricious, different temperature and requires medical supervision, a third of parents silently surprised by the presence of incisors and molars.While some children begin to "bite" mother's breast in 3-4 months, and the other to three years have a total of 8 pieces.That is the order of eruption and the number of teeth in one year, and of concern to many parents.

Symptoms of incisors

Gum disease and excessive salivation are the main precursors of the teeth.But sometimes the children may begin to "slobber" a few months before the first cutter acquire.The closer the process of eruption, the set of symptoms increases.

  • anxiety, moods, mood swings, crying, loss of appetite are the result of inflammation of the gums, pain and itching.
  • constant presence fingers and objects in your mouth says about the next stage, when the gums are whitewashed and the "bulge" mounds, warning of the imminent appearance of milk teeth.
  • Diarrhea often accomp
    anies teething.This is due to the strengthening of the intestine due to salivation and the fact that the child is drawn into the mouth.Normally liquid stools to be watery and infrequent (no more than 3 times a day).
  • temperature can also be accompanied by the appearance of the teeth.Normally it is not more than 39 degrees and disappears after two days.
  • Sometimes children may experience coughing because of abundant saliva.

However, these symptoms may indicate the beginning of the disease, and, as at the time of the eruption of the immune system weakens, and the body may be exposed to infection control.Therefore constantly observe the child and consult a physician.

How many years should be teeth?

Many mothers believe that the child develops in a specific pattern: so many grams should be gaining weight at so many centimeters rise ... Therefore, the teeth appear in their order.Surprisingly, even a dentist can tell the order in which to grow teeth in your child, and how many of them will at some point.

The fact that the process begins in the uterine condition.It is also believed that the time of appearance of the teeth is hereditary.Therefore, if your early childhood eruption began in the year, and your child will follow your footsteps.

The development of children's teeth affects the food a pregnant woman.It is believed that excessive consumption of cheese and dairy products with calcium will lead to their appearance early.How many teeth a year to be children?According to statistics, the first incisors appear to 7 months in the lower and upper jaws.By the year is about 6 of their teeth, but to get out the remaining 2-3 years in the following order:

  • central incisors;
  • second lateral incisors;
  • first molars;
  • fangs;
  • second big root.

As usual climb teeth in children

Every child is different, so everyone will have his pace eruption.One in 4 months at a time can climb out of four upper and lower central incisors, the second teeth grow in pairs, three walks toothless 1.5 years, and then for any month may shock all canines and molars.Therefore, mothers worried about the question of how many teeth in one year should appear.

By the year is standard in the child already has two lower and four upper incisors.Next grow 6 more teeth: the two lower incisors and molars.In the last climb fangs.By 2,5-3 years should climb out the entire set of baby teeth (20 pieces).

Which ones are the most painful there?It depends on the characteristics of the organism.Some children experience difficult the very first appearance of incisors and do not respond to the eruption of the rest.Others cry and the temperature at the root, and others can not tolerate the growth of canines.

standard in children during teething pain last a few days (2-3) until the teeth will not appear on the surface of the gums.The process is seamless and painless.

How to relieve teething in 1 year?

During the appearance of the teeth is important not to count their number and make it easier for children suffering.Babies can be calmed down as follows.

  • Most give chest or wear on his hands, my mother passed on to the child calm.
  • Giving rubber chew toys for teething.Some children prefer my mother's finger bent so your hands are clean.
  • Grease gum special gel has an analgesic effect.For example, the drug "Kamistad" or "Kalgel 'cause small droplets in a circular motion.
  • Often massage the gums.It relieves itching.
  • Do not let the cool toys and objects in his mouth.In some cases, it does not relieve the pain, and amplifies it.

Remember, gums are itching, the child will pull everything to alleviate the condition.So watch out for two things:

  1. The baby has brought no dirt in his mouth.
  2. That he did not hurt the gums sharp and hard objects (even a biscuit).

During this period, children can often catch stomatitis (whitish dots on the lips, tongue, palate), which can also be accompanied by a high fever.

How to care for your teeth?

reason many moms care how much a year to be the teeth, but not the right care.As soon as the first cutter, you should immediately consult your dentist for advice.Even if the kid turned 3-4 months, you have to follow the teeth.Previously it was thought that up to three years to the dentist can not walk, as tooth decay was a late phenomenon.

Today has six-month child may have rotten teeth, due to improper nutrition and hygiene.Also frequent situation where the beginnings of indigenous permanent teeth are not formed in a child, and therefore lead to loss of milk that will need to build artificial.

How to treat even one tooth?

  • babies rub cutter and gums with gauze wrapped around the finger and dipped in boiling water.
  • With 11 months can be cleaned with a brush children's teeth with water or toothpaste.
  • Pick the children's toothpaste, which is like the taste of your daze.
  • After each meal to teach a child to rinse mouth.
  • Do not give sugar, sweets, juices, starchy foods, pastry.Concentrated soft drinks diluted with water.
  • night to give plain water.
  • give more calcium foods: cottage cheese, fish, milk, and vegetables and fruits.
  • visit the dentist twice a year.

What to do to have strong teeth?

often see similar situations dentistry where moms are arguing about how much should be in the year of the teeth in children who already suffer from caries and pulpitis.Even standard procedures "serebrirovaniya" appearance of holes in the tooth do not stop.It is better to take preventive measures.

  1. During pregnancy, eat foods rich in calcium.Keep track of your teeth and visit the dentist to cure tooth decay.
  2. birth of a child to take care of the oral cavity, which must be cleaned with gauze.The fact that the causative agent of dental diseases is lactic acid, which promotes the development of 'harmful' bacteria.They form cavities, settling in habitats of finding residues of food, sugar.Therefore we can not give kids juice, sweet tea and drink at night, replace them with warm waters.
  3. With the first tooth carefully look after the oral cavity.
  4. Visit the dentist, ranging from simple visits, consultations.In these meetings the doctor can introduce a child with different instruments and to teach it to their sound, showing by example how to treat mouth favorite toy.

In Russia, the teeth are treated with an injection from the age of three, as in acute pain remove them from the root.The child, in both cases under stress.Therefore, it is important not to think parents about how much a year to be the teeth, and teach your baby the correct daily oral care.