Bomber jacket - it's a bomb!

originally designed for convenience as the summer uniform of the United States Air Force in the 40s-60s, the jacket-bomber proved across the breadth of its properties.Warm and ergonomic, made of high quality material, it is appropriate clung courageous military figure and is admired the views of girls.Remember: "There is a soldier in the city?".So, if it's - the American soldiers, always in the bomber.The original name comes from the title of the MA-1 bomber, it is for them and created uniform.

Later, when not only the division commander, but also people with a little more refined taste - fashion designers to visit, what a jacket-bomber, these products began its expansion in the world's catwalks.Moreover, given the struggle for equal rights of Americans and American women bombers instantly changed on the fragile shoulders.A feature of newfangled jacket was a bright lining, invented not for selfish purposes of vanity and narcissism.The fact that it served as a kind of SOS signal from the crashed or cra

sh landed pilot - from the height it can be seen precisely lining.

Modern leather jacket-bomber is different from the fellow-fighters except that the location of pockets - from rare models meet pockets on the sleeve and the inside of the liner, but if so - you should know that before you original style jacket 40s.

Bomber Jacket: what to wear?

For half a century has been on the screen and podiums good old bomber jacket, which has become the uniform for many American colleges - the boys of football teams consider purchasing bomber kind of dedication to the "tough guys."

this season returned to the bomber and masters of the world fashion industry: Bottega Veneta showed fairly original solution - bomber-jacket in pastel beige tones of the finest kid leather.This elegant jacket easily combined with chiffon dresses and short shorts.A Costume National, on the contrary, insists on the classic men's version - baggy bomber, combined with a rough face, an interesting application for a victory!

I must say that in the functionality of the bomber almost no equal, he successfully passes and jacket and black leather jackets, and even well-established trench.It is appropriate that the combination of both classic jackets Pants and a pencil skirt ....Why do not appear in the office like this?

Here are some options of clothing with a jacket-bomber:

  1. Surround top - elongated bottom: Bomber Jacket combines good with short drainpipe jeans and high heels.In the hands - a small clutch, be sure to face Ray Ban Aviator.
  2. It became fashionable to combine incongruous, for example, a sports jacket and a gentle girly dress.A hint of what their bombers strong guys can lend liked girl to keep her shoulders from the cold.It fits a little bag on a long strap.
  3. course, wear a bomber jacket can afford only experienced aesthetes, but a large T-shirt with a print - a win-win option.To achieve total american look, put on a baseball cap on his head with the flat fields, the eye - dark glasses, and boldly forward, to meet his American dream!