From what to wear leopard shoes?

modern ladies do not get tired to experiment with his way, constantly monitor fashion trends and always try to follow them.Several years ago in vogue leopard shoes, from which immediately lost his head numerous beauties.And, as it turned out, for good reason.

Despite its variegated colors, these shoes are almost universal: they can be worn at any time of the day or night, walking around the city, go to the disco, party or even a job.Of course, on one condition: if you know what to wear shoes, decorated with leopard print.

If you decide to buy a leopard shoes in the near future, then you know what to go.Yet, these shoes are not pretty for prudes, but for those who lead an active lifestyle, loves to stand out from the crowd and attract attention.But these shoes are not at all an echo vulgarschiny and the fact that society does not accept.On the contrary, with their help it is easy to become a feminine, attractive and elegant.And yet, diluted and boring, in your opinion, uninteresting image.Simply put

, having at hand a pair of shoes, you can look completely different: a daily or solemn, glamorous or just stylish.

From what to wear?

leopard print beautiful and at the same time deterrent.But only if it is too much in your way.It follows the first rule - wearing leopard shoes, avoid excessive repetition of the same color in clothing.This completely ruin your style, but a way of making a funny.In order to achieve perfect harmony, add these shoes strap handbag leopard.

Leopard print goes well with black.In this case, you can safely wear black pants or jeans, a pencil skirt or a skirt-midi.Top boldly wear stylish blouse milky.This combination is perfect for going to work.Shoes leopard can also be worn with a popular little black dress, adding to the image of gold ornaments.

Shoes leopard is not forbidden to wear in everyday life.If you are going to the city for business or just for a walk, wear plain jeans (black, dark blue and even white), as well as top or t-shirt a light color.Few conjured over his image, even in ordinary life you irresistible.But there is one thing!Avoid shoes with a combination of bright and colorful casual clothes.

As you can see, you can wear leopard shoes with a variety of outfits.Gold, coffee, sand, beige and shades of wood clothes will be win-win.But as the red, it will be inappropriate.Can you imagine what it looks like a combination of bright red and leopard print.

Do not be afraid to experiment, having at its disposal leopard shoes and a wardrobe with a variety of outfits.You can also go shopping in search of the things that will refresh your image.Wherever you went, these shoes can be worn safely.Of course, sticking to the tips described above.