Red-ONS: what to wear?

ONS - convenient, easy and practical shoes.It is possible to go to work, on a walk, a meeting with friends.This model of shoe is diverse models and colors.Each of us will be able to look after themselves what is irresistible.Red ONS - a great option for those who are tired of the usual colors of shoes, like to stand out from the crowd, leading an active lifestyle.Red - a tempting and attractive.But only buy a few of the ONS shade should be more carefully sort out what to wear to not look tasteless.

ONS red: several styles

immediately drew attention to the fact that the shoes the same color can be divided into several styles.For example, the classic red ONS are usually made of leather, characterized by greater severity and restraint.From decorations can be used fringe, laces or perforated inserts.

There are also sports models ONS red.They are stylish and diverse, are made of different materials and are decorated differently.We are not just one model ONS divided into two categories as clothing fo

r each case to be chosen as usual.

From what to wear women's red ONS

Most often this color give their preference to women more than men because they are concerned about their appearance, choosing clothes with taste and trepidation.And as the shoes of black, white and gray are pretty fed up, have to find an alternative to it.And that it can rightly be considered the red-ONS.So let's see what they wear.

Classically ONS any shade of red should only be worn with business suits.This can be a pantsuit, skirt and blouse, dress.From color preference should be given a black and gray.You can also combine ONS red with elements in the image of the same shade.For example, the shoes can be supplemented with black pants and a red blouse, jacket, cardigan.Or restrict red handbag, scarf, decorations, close in tone to the color of the shoe.

Sporting red ONS allowed to wear with any casual wear: jeans, skirts of any length dresses, tight pants.Dresses can be of different styles, the most important thing - to approach the tasteful combination of colors.There are also rules described just above.

From what to wear men's red ONS

Male models ONS that color also look stylish and attractive.With their help any man be able to emphasize their individuality and the presence of taste.Wear shoes can be a model with jeans, youth pants, shirts, jackets and more.Again, much will depend on the color of the clothes you are going to wear.Simple option - a combination of red with black and white.A more daring will wear, for example, a red shirt with blue jeans, stylish pants with fitted jacket.And even shorts combined with a light T-shirt, as the old version, can be quite appropriate.Most importantly - do not oversaturate your image in red, as in this case, you'll look ridiculous and tasteless.