Sneakers Heels: new fashion trend!

Sneakers undoubtedly the most comfortable shoes.That's just not for every case it is suitable.When hiking or playing sports, then yes, but if for going to a party or a disco, you will most likely not.But the imagination of designers knows no barriers, as evidenced by the release of the interesting model, which immediately attracted attention.Meet sneakers with heels.I can not believe in it?I do not like?But the benefits have a lot of interesting shoes.

What prompted the creation

Interestingly, the idea to create shoes with heels came the designers at once.More specifically, after the stripper Ciara just sticked to the usual clear heels and sneakers came out.Of course, the surprise was not the limit.But it was her idea like many designers, who immediately began to translate it into reality.

say that these shoes enjoyed incredible popularity, it is impossible.There are many of her opponents, who do not quite understand the combination of a pair of shoes of sports style and a more feminine, famili

ar to generations.However, the shoes have heels are not only international stars, but also simple fashionista.First of all, with their help you become brighter, more noticeable and unusual.Secondly, even the most boring way, complete with a model, he immediately becomes stylish.

Sneakers Heels - it's not just beautiful, but also very convenient.And if you want to learn how to walk on his heels, then it should start with them.In a conventional shoe female legs may tire quickly, to swell in the evening.But in these shoes of such inconveniences can be forgotten.This is despite the fact that the heel is still the case.Yes, it is!But while walking his little feel.The only perhaps disadvantage of this classic sports shoes - is the inability to play sports.But then she created for this purpose.

Schick, the brilliance, beauty

Sneakers Heels today presented for sale in a variety of variations.Different models, colors, materials - all this makes this shoe even more accessible.Every fashionista will be able to find something that will emphasize the beauty of her legs released from the gray crowd.So, it is very interesting to look Nike sneakers with heels.This is where women's dreams have to roam!

From what to wear?

one thing - to buy shoes with heels, choosing what most attracted, and the other - to know what to wear them.Best of all, this model of shoes will be combined with jeans, especially tight.It can also be worn with shorts, which will be the best option for exploring the city, meeting with friends.Many of the girls had to choose running shoes on his heels interesting model dresses, so unusual, as the very shoes.Well, here we add an interesting youth styles of skirts of any length.

Sneakers Heels suit not every fashionista.It should be understood.First of all these shoes designed for young beauties, active and not afraid to experiment with their looks.But the slightly older women can draw attention to such shoes.It all depends on the mood and personal relationship to fashion.