Max Mara - perfume for elegant natures

Italian trading company Max Mara is well known in the world.It specializes in the production of clothes and perfumes.

company appeared in the fashion world in 1951.It is based young Italian Achilov Miramotti.In the same year, he was presented the debut clothing collection.The first experience was a success thanks to good cut and clean, crisp lines.In 1958, the company has expanded, and its turnover rose to industrial volumes.

Brenda Max Mara was able to establish itself very well in the international perfumery market.Through collaboration with Cosmopolitan Cosmetics companies have been established and put into production some perfume line.The company manufactures perfumes Max Mara in the form of perfume, eau de toilette, and sprays.They differ in sophistication and refinement.

created Max Mara perfume Kashmina Touch - is a soft and elegant composition in the title which is the word of cashmere and pashmina.It is harmonious and calm, it will give warmth and comfort and will be a good choice for a r

efined and sensual girls.Gold Touch is designed for self-assured and purposeful women.

Light citrus notes, which are present in almost all the girls' compositions and fresh aroma of pink pepper these spirits give a feeling of freshness and a light breeze.But in the loop flavor somewhat heavier warmth guaiac wood, cedar and musk.It does smell very elegant and distinguished it from the majority of citrus compositions.

Creating fragrances is very important for the company Max Mara.Perfume is the final accent in the whole way, build a brand.Therefore, the company conducts a long preparatory work aimed at creating exclusive compositions.

Max Mara Le Parfum - a complex and original smell, a dominant role in it played by Muscat seemingly traditionally masculine and strong component.It turns out that in certain combinations, it can be tremulous and tender.This so-called "transitional" flavor: once hard to understand - it is male or female.This is a very intriguing fine ladies tired of sugary-sweet and heavy traditional women's perfume.

Fragrances Max Mara - the composition of the brand has turned a bright, sensual and versatile.Its foundation is the perfect combination of ginger and citrus.In addition, the clearly audible notes of orchids and lilies.Max Mara - spirits started in 2004.Vividly they open in the fall and winter.It is better to use during daytime.

In the same year the company released the toilet water Silk Touch.It has a very original flavor has good resistance.It is recommended to use it in the winter.

created perfumes Max Mara Le Parfum Zest & amp;Murs appeared in 2009.This oriental fragrance with floral tones.It is recommended to use it in the spring and summer, on sunny days.It goes well with elegant feminine dresses in a business style.

All perfumes Max Mara has its own unmistakable style that is relevant to all age categories.All the perfumes are made from high quality natural ingredients.Perfume brand - is the embodiment of elegance and romance, sensual ardor and humility.Delicate and sensual scents are appropriate in the office and the theater, on a romantic date and outing.