"Gucci Gilti" - the fragrance of love and passion

In late 2012 perfumes Gucci Guilty and Gucci Guilty Intense were declared the most outstanding aromas entice the twenty-first century.These bold, smells The awarded repeatedly discovered the true elixir of provocation, which does not want to give up.This luxury fragrances and forbidden pleasures.

Perfume for Women "Gucci Gilti Intense" issued in 2011 by the famous fashion house Gucci.This is an updated, more vivid and intense, seductive and provocative version of the loudest fragrance in 2010, which has been awarded several international awards - Gucci Guilty (2010).The new song was released with toilet water for men Pour Homme Intense.

This constant play on the edge, enclosed in an unusual form.A woman from the "Gucci Gilti" always wants more.She boldly and confidently moves forward, subject only to their instincts.

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme - convincing version of the most vibrant fragrance for men in 2011.Before courageous and seductive power of this fragrance no one can resist.It's des

igned for the modern man, whose self-confidence is justified, with a strong character and a perfect style.

luxurious fragrance for women, launched in 2010, embodies the pleasure and joy.The composition was the hit of the year and still in high demand.

«Gucci Gilti Black '- fragrance, released in early 2013, inspired by a secret passion.The composition provocative, fascinating and daring.It opens with juicy notes of bright red and ripe fruit, hot pink pepper.Her heart is filled with juicy raspberry, lilac and powdery violet.Base up chords of patchouli and amber.Advertising has become the face of women's fragrance gorgeous Evan Rachel Wood.The bottle of the same shape as that of the original version, but now his primary colors - red and black.

Cologne "Gucci Gilti" for men, Black pour Homme, - part of a vicious and scandalous duo which continues the popular series (2013).The original version was released in 2010 and literally blew the perfume market.She was recognized as the best song in 2010.The aroma is purposeful and courageous men, who know what they achieve in life, and always get what you want.Select this fragrance - a born leader, easily subjugates women's hearts.

Aroma 2013 turned out so bold, passionate and sexy, what can only be masculine scent."Gucci Gilti" male responses received from all over the world.He became a revolutionary odor Given the strong half of humanity denial of pre-existing standards, it destroys the gray picture of everyday life, it penetrates into the depth of feelings, prompting frenzied passion.

Aroma "Gucci Gilti" opens explosion invigorating notes of coriander and lavender quickening, which symbolizes the confidence of youth.His heart - courage and ardor shown orange flowers that excite and fascinate.Patchouli, which are the hallmark of Gucci in the base notes of flavor receive new strength, connected with a magnificent cedar.The bottle kept the original form of perfume, but is executed in black and green colors.It touts new fragrance famous Chris Evans.