Medical means "Loceryl" (nail polish) for fungal disease nail plates

As ever cured of fungal disease nail plates, without resorting to surgery?This issue is of concern to many people suffering from this disease.Well-proven antifungal drug "Loceryl" (LAC), which can be combined with conventional nail polish over the course of treatment.

It is effective in the fight against various kinds of fungal infections: yeast, distal, mold.User feedback on the facility "Loceryl" (nail nail plate) only confirm the effectiveness of the drug.It can also be used in combination with medication, in which case it will not be long in coming.

means "Loceryl" (varnish) - a worthy alternative to the removal of nail

Surgery - a traumatic process, not always leading to a full recovery.During removal of the nail there is a great danger of entering a secondary infection, which, in turn, provokes a relapse of the disease.If surgical intervention is often damaged rostovaja zone and subsequently deformed nails grow.And straighten the nail plate is almost impossible.

With the advent of modern

medicine preparations moved away from the surgical treatment of fungal diseases.Often, when the lesions are actively applied nail varnish treatment, for example, "Loceryl."Luck when applied penetrates deep into damaged tissue of the nail plate and bed, remaining there until ten days.

active substances contained in the product - amorolfin - has antifungal and fungistatic (stopping the growth of fungi) action.Even after the end of the treatment course amorolfin accumulate in the growth zone of the nail plate, remains there for six months, doing its healing function.

means "Loceryl" (varnish): instructions for use

drug is colorless and has a pronounced odor.It must be applied to the nail once a week.Before painting the affected areas to be treated with alcohol and the special nail file.Sometimes, when applied, a slight burning sensation for a short time.

Duration of treatment depends on the extent of damage - the average treatment lasts from six months to a year.Purchase agent can be any specialized network of pharmacies without a prescription.Be sure to look at the shelf life (3 years).

applying the drug can not use artificial and false nails, otherwise it will only aggravate the situation.It is not recommended to apply varnish during lactation and pregnancy - it is better to consult a specialist.

Luck "Loceryl" for the nail plate: consumer reviews

Most of the consumers were satisfied with the means: in their view, is a highly effective drug that helps great in the fight against fungal infections.But if the nail plate is significantly damaged, it is necessary to take extra pills that a doctor can prescribe after the test.

After applying the varnish the main symptoms of the disease disappear by the second month.Also, the drug can be used as a preventive and protective equipment for hiking to the beach, public swimming pool or sauna.It infected unpleasant disease is not difficult, so you need to take precautions.

When the first symptoms of the fungus on the surface of the stop, on the nails and between fingers itching, peeling, cracks, sores, pain.Nail plate becomes yellow, it begins to thicken and crumble.Do not put off treatment, or the fungus can spread below the surface of the extremities and even internal organs.This is not a harmless disease, which is why using protective measures.