Spirits "Little Black Dress" - five options femininity

In 2009, perfume house Guerlain gave the world its new creation Dolphins Jelq - spirits "little black dress".

Classics of the genre

His idea of ​​creation of the great Coco "nose" of the house Guerlain embodies the fruit and oriental theme, dressed him in his classic oriental bottle.Such a reading of the classics has caused mixed reactions.Why is that?The answer is simple: the notes.

If you recall preferences Chanel in the smells, it is quite understandable why the spirits of "Little Black Dress" caused controversy.Fan of fresh semi-natural fragrance Coco is unlikely to be allowed to use a combination of top notes of anise, Sicilian lemon and almond.Although a certain amount of freshness yet been added Delphine Jelq, perfume critics clearly hear the notes of cherries.

Whatever it was, but the heart of the fragrance is a classic fruity-oriental blend of raspberry shaded echoes of rose, almond cookies and licorice.Coming trail just as sweet: the vanilla notes intertwined with black tea, musk a

nd patchouli.

first perfume "Little Black Dress" called "lite" version of the popular 90's Terry Mugler fragrances ("Angel" and its sequel).Perhaps so, but still, this perfume from Guerlain has one important feature: fruity flavor dominates in it, but at the same time no one can say that the composition is a fugitive "compote".What spurred the new "nose" of the perfume house, Thierry Wasser, to create a continuation of the story.

Aromas of Vasseur

Thierry Wasser a new look at the controversial perfume Guerlain."Little Black Dress" version of 2011 game completely different notes.In the first approximation heard a combination of lemon, bergamot and galbanum.From the original line-up was only a sour lemon, citrus enhanced by two components.Heart remained the same sweet, but part of it has been completely changed.Notes marshmallow gently mixed with toffee and orange blossom.Flex was beautiful oriental: leather and musk give the fragrance passion.

This composition was received by critics with great favor, and this took a new designer, presenting three more variations on the theme of limited edition updated.

In 2012 there is a new fragrance by Guerlain.Spirits "Little Black Dress" (now dressing) again change their sound.At this time, Thierry Wassan decided to give his creation Parisian chic and frivolous youth.Top notes are built on an elegant combination of fruit and citrus notes: cherry, currant and bergamot combine with almonds.The heart of the composition is a combination of floral and oriental sounds: Rose Bulgaria and Turkey shaded black tea and licorice.The trail Wassan laid favorite house Guerlain notes: tonka bean, iris, patchouli, anise and vanilla form a charming sweet cocktail.This fragrance is a beautiful Parisian, fluid and elusive, like a spring breeze.

In October of the same year Wassan again presents perfume "Little Black Dress", but this time in the concentration of eau de toilette.They are very different in composition from the toilet perfume.Top notes they made up only of floral sounds: greens gently infused with jasmine and rose.The hair - this is how recommend wearing this perfume - it reveals fruity cocktail of apple, cherry and orange.Flex is made up of notes of white musk, white amber and patchouli.

Close the line "black dress" perfume created for women.This is a more mature flavor.Top notes are the same as in perfumed water, and the heart becomes more complicated mixture of violets and roses, cherry flavored.Base notes remain unchanged.

Line "little black dress" created Jelq and reworked to perfection Vassanom satisfy the tastes of any lady who prefers sweet fruit and oriental fragrances.