Shining diamond Versace Bright Crystal

Connection sporty to chic couture - these are the main features of the fashion house Versace, known around the world.This Italian brand manages to adorn fanciful unpretentious jeans with rhinestones and intricate embroidery.But it is not only in clothing.Connect the two contradictory elements, and he succeeded in their flavors.Here we talk about perfume Bright Crystal Versace (Shining Crystal) - bright and classic example of this prestigious brand.

What lies beneath a transparent, faceted diamond under the lid decorated with an elegant and luxurious bottle?Versace Crystal Bright surprising contrasts: crystal, clear as a mountain stream, cold and hot, all-consuming passion.The concept of composition is reflected even in the packaging: pale pink box with a luxurious silver ornament "under the skin".This fragrance, born in 2006, is produced at a concentration of "eau de toilette" in bottles of 30, 50 and 90 ml.It was created for charming women, endowed with extraordinary charm.Unlike his older brother, r

eleased two years earlier "Black Cristal» (Crystal Noir), «The Shining" a fresh, clear, clean.It clearly sounds fresh icy shade of the January frost.

creating Versace Bright Crystal, Donatella Versace now conceived a love potion.I had to get the flavor, which would have guessed just a hint of passion.Well aware that the game you would like, the faster she runs away from the hunter, the perfumer Alberto Morillas, the author of the composition, wove the thread of coldness and detachment to the languid and sensual base of musk and amber.The result was a real masterpiece: a woman, shrouded in a veil of "Shining Crystal" seems fragile, elegant and graceful, promising a "hunter" ineffable joy "chase" and enjoy welcome "trophy."

's try to sort through the notes of the composition Versace Bright Crystal.It's pretty hard to do, because it plays like a young wine, and all colors, like a diamond.If you say that this is fruity-floral melody, it still did not say anything.As in "nuarnoy" version, there is sound tart notes of pomegranate, peony, sweet chords, the warmth of mahogany, mental languor amber and musk.However, the highest notes of yuzu iced manifests itself, which in this ensemble a separate score.Frosted shades softened tenderness magnolia petals and extract of lotus.

What a woman needs to "wear" the fragrance Versace Bright Crystal?She is gentle and graceful, easy, like a drop of dew, shivering on the petal magnolia, sweet as the very temptation.But do not count on an easy victory: for the way the fragile blonde hides a strong-willed and passionate nature, able to achieve your goals.Gentle temptress at any moment can turn fatal for the woman fascinated men.

Because of this duality, perfume Versace Bright Crystal can be used in summer and winter, hiking in the cafe or in the cinema and on the soiree.This combination of flavors and colors of mahogany wood, frost and oriental scents, repetitive in the loop, making the owner of the perfume simply irresistible."Bright Crystal" - is the embodiment of women's seductive, refined luxury and elegance.