Eau de parfum Clinique Happy - seductive aroma of passion

There are many ways to make a woman happy.One of them - it is water perfume Clinique Happy.In the original bottle wonderful nectar joined ethereal floral and citrus oils.The fragrance captivates from the very first minutes of the perfume water.Give a feeling of freshness smells of apple, plum, bergamot, and light notes of freesia, rose, lily of the valley and magnolia make dissolve in the loop of the perfume.Fragrance Clinique Happy was founded in 1998 and is very popular so far.For decades, incense Clinique find its fans around the world.

What is this secret smell of female happiness, which lies in the composition of water Clinique Happy perfume and disclosed for its owners?The creator of this fragrance - a beautiful and incomparable woman, one of the best entrepreneurs of the 20th century - Josephine Esther Mentzer.It is more commonly known as Estee Lauder.

main advantage of this perfume water is that it has passed multiple checks by dermatologists for occurrence of allergic reactions.No abnormal

ities were not, as evidenced by the relevant documents.

Fragrance Clinique Happy - Business Card for perfume since its inception.United in one bottle collection of floral aromas, sweet fruit notes and delicate shades of greens each year attracts more and more an army of fans.Sexuality, carelessness, lightness and tenderness - all this is reflected in the composition of water perfume Clinique Happy, reviews of which are filled with admiration.

Clinique brand is associated only with a unique flavor that can conquer any feelings of each person.Love, happiness, tenderness - these words can describe the feelings experienced by those who have tried the products of this brand.

In 2003, the world has been presented a new fragrance - Clinique Happy Heart.Millions of women take this perfume water, they feel that gain confidence in their abilities and can easily conquer the world.

feeling of lightness and freshness set cucumber, leaves of black currant, carrot and water hyacinth.Also present perfume pronounced woody notes, highlighting the strength of character of the modern woman.Moist, fresh, ringing, this fragrance is like dew drops on the green grass in the morning cool.Therefore, it is ideal for the summer.

Bouquet original smell sets the mood of happiness and tenderness, every great painting the gray day.The fragrant trail, creating a positive aura that accompanies the fair sex is everywhere.For Clinique Happy Heart no age limits - all those perfumes fit.This perfume water will be a great addition for the evening and to daylight image that you wish to create.The aroma envelops you like a gentle and easy "handkerchief".

Women who choose Clinique Happy Heart - active, brave, in love and tender at the same time.If you want to make a romantic gift, this fragrance, whose name translates as "happy heart" simply out of competition.

original bottle water perfume Clinique Happy Heart also expresses features of this enchanting fragrance.In its form there is nothing superfluous: matte cylinder cap cherry color, which is applied on the surface of the name of the perfume.Minimalism package if emphasizes the richness of the smell.And it was the last quality buyers pay attention when choosing a perfume.