L'Oreal "Preference": a brilliant shine of your hair

Stories paint L'Oreal "Preference" is preceded by several generations of talented and demanding beauticians French brand.The founder of the success was Eugene Shuler, a chemist with a rather provocative name, who in 1907 invented a gentle hair dye.Emancipated crowd of fans supported the name means - l'Aureale, later somewhat transformed, but that has not lost the sympathy of consumers.

Needless to describe the effect that at the time made the paint - it can only be compared with the sales growth of the modern counterpart, L'Oreal "Preference".Of course, technology is a perfect means for coloring hair, followed by Parisian, and behind them, and the whole world began to line up in a queue, I could not stand still.The paint is improved, its formulation based on mandatory humanity in relation to the structure of women's hair.At the same time, the latest L'Oreal "Preference" can boast such a rich shades than ever in the history of the brand.

This paint is intended primarily for home dyeing and comes int

ricate set including bag with direct coloring agents, oxidizing agent and gloves, as well as a brush and rinse a small tube, designed for 4-5 uses.Agree, nice bonus from developers L'Oreal "Preference".It seems that it is a miracle remedy for the serious created whimsical and capricious beauties, do not trust cheap means of one-day, but do not dare to afford the constant trips to the salon.

By its consistency paint L'Oreal "Recital Preference" is a gel, which greatly simplifies the time required to correct its withdrawal.But the main advantage is the ability of the cosmetic product is completely painted over with gray.Guarantees provided by the manufacturer, and leave feedback on the forums very positive.

Offered L'Oreal "Preference" palette consists of 45 different colors, each of which is based on a UV-filter and a set of natural oils nourish the hair.High stability, guarantee the brightness of the colors and a unique luster in your hair - it's not advertising slogans, and the results obtained in practice.Color retention period - up to 6 weeks without staining, moreover, paint every day blooms on the new range of hair colors.

For those who are afraid of unpleasant incidents in the form of greenish, L'Oreal "Preference" from the series "Blonde" is based on lavender.Generally, in this series, there are subtypes for each of the range of colors: 8 brilliant shades of blond, bright-8 red, 8 chocolate - for luxury haired women, as well as unparalleled ashen tones and interesting solutions for brunettes.

innovative competitive edge paint from L'Oreal - the fact that it is air-conditioned and at the same time.Using one tool, you will notice how obedient and thankful to get the hair.Without drying and draining, and most importantly - no perezhigaya fragile structure of each filaments, easy to produce staining in the home.Well, the economy is crucial: 300 rubles on average for such a miracle cure - this is not a robbery, but it is an acceptable offer.