Smooth and reliable "Maybelline Affinitone"

Tone Cream "Maybelline Affinitone" is considered to be the undisputed leader in innovation and sales in the market of cosmetics, although presented by developers was a long time ago.To date, this means not just buy it take to order and constantly advise friends and acquaintances.Makeup artists and professional beauticians recommend "Maybelline Affinitone" to its customers.So what's the secret of this success?

Perhaps we should start with a unique patented formula of the foundation.The structure means for skin care (otherwise it will not name) includes multiple ground like dust, minerals - here and silicon, and magnesium, and the skin much needed calcium.They perfectly merge with the skin and give it the same corporate radiant hue.Thanks to its hypoallergenic, "Maybelline Affinitone" abso

lutely suitable for all skin types, except that the owner and the problem too fat should consult a beautician about the frequent use of this tool - as, indeed, any other foundation.

This "Maybelline Affinitone" absolutely does not contain perfumes, talc, silicon and other elements that are so fond of adding cheap manufacturers.But agree that the price at this cream is not just gentle - it is truly amazing.In addition, it includes the recipe SPF18, so it means you can use in the summer, thus providing skin protection from direct sunlight.Well, of course, the composition includes a water-based, moisturizing the skin, preventing its contraction and the formation of cracks.

Even the most demanding cosmetics of the fair sex for themselves went out and brought some advantages:

  1. cream does not cause peeling.Even if it has to face, "Maybelline Affinitone" it perfectly masks.
  2. Along with this cream is not greasy and cause reddening or allergies.
  3. in texture it is quite easy and imperceptible on the skin, even at the end of the working day.
  4. foundation contains several universal colors.Select the appropriate ones and can Darkie, and "Snow White".

addition, "Maybelline Affinitone" collects more feedback and the ability to completely blend in with the skin - well, not for nothing that he was called "the perfect tone."The series includes six shades: from natural beige and pink-beige to pesochno- and vanilla-beige - a beautiful name!Tone Cream "Affinitone" rests on the skin up to 24 hours, although there is, of course, is to face the truth and admit that from time to time it is necessary to correct: it can be smeared, especially in hot weather.

But one went out and brought a nice bonus for themselves, those who suffer from vitamin deficiency: included in the means of good vitamin E nourishes the skin and protects against aggressive external environment.Add to this is a compact and cost-effective packaging actually proven results.

How to apply foundation?To begin strokes cause a small amount into separate areas of the face and shade using a special wide brush, modifying fingertips.Do not forget to wash at night and let the skin pores to breathe, because even the lightest foundation - it's just a concealer.