Chanel Allure Homme Sport - mixing the two styles in an unusual flavor

name Coco Chanel is widely known around the world today.It is associated primarily with the hats and perfume.This is perhaps the most influential figure in the history of fashion of the last century.

no secret that this talented woman became a legend during his lifetime, achieving incredible success in his profession, despite the personal life consists not in the best way.She began her career with a large capacity and a small hat shop, open on the money her husband.At the time, she was only 25 years old, and her wonderful work has already conquered the hearts of many ladies.

At 38, Coco Chanel has been much more than a hat shop - an entire fashion empire, which produced not only the cap.A huge range of amazing.She has achieved what many of her contemporaries could only dream of.And all because she wanted - she did!Coco was incredibly strong woman with a calm nature, which did not stop any obstacles and problems of everyday life.About her reticence was legendary, its style is loved and worshiped.

most famous of its own to women's fashion were fitted vest and a little black dress that has become a household name.Do not forget about such wonderful things as a handbag on the strap.

most Coco Chanel is long gone, but the fashion house that bears her name, exists to this day.This fact is also not unknown.In addition to clothing and accessories, it is made an exquisite perfume compositions, the most famous of which is the Chanel №5.

In 2004, her fashion house has released a unique new men's fragrance Chanel Allure Homme Sport."Letual" and similar cosmetic retail chains were able to present the first fragrance to the judgment of connoisseurs of the brand "Chanel".

perfumer managed to combine in one flavor almost opposite things - it is a sport and elegance.Delight and tranquility merge together.Perfume Chanel Allure Homme Sport was very courageous and tart, but at the same time sublime.Expresses grace and rebellion, the smell peculiar to active men.It strikingly highlights their character traits and makes a man more attractive, emphasizes its wildness and intriguing.

presented refers to the aroma of spicy and woody groups that so captivate the ladies.In the top notes there is an invigorating juicy orange, fresh sea and mellow sweet mandarin.Heart composition Chanel Allure Homme Sport - spunky neroli, burning pepper and subtle scent of cedar wood.

The composition smell the base notes include unusual flavor of tonka beans, deep and sharp smell rare but thrilling golden amber, noble and pungent musk, sensual and intoxicating scent of sweet vanilla and elegant aromatic notes of vetiver.

This perfume was created more than a year and is considered one of the best men's fragrances of the fashion house Chanel.Many representatives of the stronger sex choose Chanel Allure Homme Sport.Reviews admirers of "Chanel" is said to be similar to the character of the Coco - a bold and daring, but at the same time is a little delicate and mysterious.The uniqueness of the combination is amazing.