Soft and unique flavor "Bleu de Chanel"

At the end of the summer of 2010 was published a new creation of the world famous perfume house CHANEL - new male perfume, eau de toilette "Bleu de Chanel".Its name is inspired by the eponymous scent of the early thirties of the last century.

"Bleu de Chanel" - is a men's fragrance created by famous perfumer Jacques Polge.Packaging and new musk perfume bottle in the design have strict, exquisite blue tones and elegant lines.Deep blue, almost black, color, known among the artists as "royal", emphasizes the concept of flavor.The fragrance was created for men, pick up the color of the suit to the car, and flavor - to the mood.

ideas embodied in the new fragrance

The basic idea was to create a perfume composition having unexpected and even daring character.According to Jacques Polge, representing his creation, "Bleu de Chanel" - an energetic fragrance, breathing the spices, the freshness, the smell of dry wood.Only in conjunction with warm skin begins to emit fragrance fresh energetic note.

fragrance composition is built on the opening notes of lime, bergamot, lemon, pink pepper and vetiver, creating the first impression.This part is your complete freedom brings freshness enveloping skin.

them through the perfect combination of carrying the energy, determination and thirst for action aromas of grapefruit, cedar and labdanum disclosed aromatic heart of new items.

Infinite confidence in themselves and their own abilities give the final composition the notes of sandalwood, frankincense and ginger.Innovations introduced in the formula of perfume, permit its use after shaving.Refresh your skin, it envelops the train pleasant aroma.

Disadvantages fragrance

fragrance from Chanel "Bleu de Chanel" has not met expectations of most.He did not event of the year, a milestone for the company begins production of flavors for the general public.As some kind of mixture of fragrance still combines the most successful notes of musk, selected to ensure perfect proportions and striking effect of the freshness of the forest.Bouquet of aromas can be classified as "cold".

Despite this, based on the "Bleu de Chanel" you can create a really exclusive things correctly to pick up the distinctive notes.It's just a nice casual smell, suitable as a young man, and a man held.

Advertising "Bleu de Chanel"

On the other hand, a new fragrance, thanks to an advertising campaign and high-profile name on the bottle will be sold very well.Audacity and bright character of the perfume received strong support commercials, filmed the famous director Martin Scorsese on the background of skyscrapers in New York.The face of the fragrance was chosen French actor Gaspard Ulliel.The plot is: the age-old relationship between men and women migrated into a modern metropolis, emphasize the concept of the perfume composition.For lovers it does not matter a change of scenery, more importantly, that since the creation of the world do not change the relationship itself."Bleu de Chanel" - is a perfume set should have in their collection a real man, and then he always will come not only pleasant and unusual odor, but also confidence.