«One Million» Paco Rabanne - Perfume real man

incredible, truly legendary French fashion designer Paco Rabanne, who became a revolutionary in the world of fashion-industry and perfumes, known to every connoisseur of the highest quality and flavor, fragrance released One Million, which for five years has been on the shop windows.

Released in 2008 men's fragrance «One Million» Paco Rabanne acquires new fans every year.Classic 2008 perfume belongs to woody spicy fragrance: its olfactory pyramid of a grapefruit, red mandarin and mint in top notes;rose, cinnamon and spices in the heart notes and Indian patchouli, amber and leather in the base notes.

In 2012, the fashion house Paco Rabanne created for fans of the "million Series" spirits One Million Absolutely Gold and One Million Eau de Toilette.These trends have gravitated to the group of leather flavors.The perfume Paco Rabanne «One million Absolutely Gold» united the notes of mandarin (top), flower (heart) and leather (base).His brother One Million Eau de Toilette has become more varied, howev

er, and closer to the original perfume One Million: mint, grapefruit, red mandarin (top note), rose, cinnamon, musk (notes of the heart), leather, amber, tonka beans (basic note).

a breakthrough in a series of "Million" was released in 2013. The new Intense fragrance 1 Million.Extravagant Paco Rabanne in this masterpiece came back to the wood-spicy group, he added density and astringency, removing excess "sugar."The top notes of perfume «Intense One Million» Paco Rabanne was red mandarin, to which were added cardamom, saffron and black pepper.Heart made of rose extract, cinnamon and neroli.Base notes with the skin completed the patchouli, orris root and sandalwood.Perfume 1 Million Intense from the house Paco Rabanne collected all the achievements of previous fragrances, so its popularity is justified.

say that toilet water «One Million» Paco Rabanne - perfume for men - to say nothing.This elegant, playful, cheerful, bright flavor for the real "dandy", handsome, boys, held in this life.Perfume of "Million" series from the house Paco Rabanne choose men who achieve all your goals, succeed in everything and fill your life with trophies and victories both in career and over the opposite sex.Such a man under the power of anything is just snap your fingers.

Each fragrance from the series "Million" epitomizes luxury, style, extravagance, confidence, wealth.No wonder the design of perfumes made in the form of a gold ingot - so designers stressed the origin of elite fragrances Paco Rabanne «One Million».The price of a perfume brand nezaoblachnaya, purchase could any man who appreciate luxury and pleasure.

To date, a series of "1 Million» - is not just a perfume, but aftershave, deodorant stick and spray, shower gel.

Tellingly, the perfume «One Million» Paco Rabanne girls adore.His incredible sexual power is able to take down the head of any beauty!The girls say that this fragrance contains arfodiziaki not found in other perfumes.One Million - very resistant toilet water, it does not wear off within an hour, but will remain on the skin or clothes all day.All this once again testifies to the fact that the scent of a series of "Million" can not afford not every man, but only the one who is not afraid to be the center of attention and manage their lives independently.Just one click of the fingers, and thy peace - that is the promise of Paco Rabanne, who created this amazing and alluring fragrance One Million.