The fragrance for real men - "Versace Pour Homme"

presented today modern and trendy man without plume stylish expensive perfume is almost impossible.The fragrance has become as essential components of the image, like a classic suit or luxury watches.With it, courage and inner qualities found relevant, and sometimes daring incarnation.

choosing perfumes and toilet water, many men prefer the tested and well-known global brands.This choice is almost always a win-win option that makes it easy to express their own individuality.

market leader in men's fragrances - fashion house Versace.Number of lines of scented products, which it produces, will soon be in the hundreds and thousands of species, and each time, setting new goods, perfumers hits the nail produce extravaganza at the height of fashion and trends.The smell of Versace, which appeared one day, thanks to some amazing quality remains a popular and always in demand.

So fate and "Versace Pour Homme".These spirits have been released for the first time in 2008, but still are among the most popular.

author of this fragrance - popular in the West Alberto Moriys, also known for working with such world-renowned companies such as Kenzo and Baldessarini."Versace Pour Homme" he prepared especially for the mistress of the fashion house Versace Donatello.Classic, courageous, direct and strong fragrance was created in honor of her deceased father - the founder of the fashion house and the great designer Gianni Versace.

Aroma "Versace Pour Homme" is reminiscent of the Mediterranean, its strong foamy waves, wet spray of salt water and a cool wind.Breathing only the first notes of the smell, you can imagine the reference masculinity, simple and discreet, without unnecessary frills and details.The sleek rectangular bottle "Versace Pour Homme" is hiding the real perfection.

At the heart of the fragrance base citrus notes of bergamot, lemon peel and classic, of course, the orange leaves.To add freshness light strong wood, a kind of musk and mineral amber.Eau de toilette "Versace Pour Homme" in the heart of its composition contains scents of geranium, walnut, blue hyacinth and luxurious mighty cedar.Whatever you say, and this harmony of aromas can truly only be men.

luxurious scent encapsulated in a luxurious bottle "Versace Pour Homme".The content and packaging, as the two acts of the same symphony, fused together, emphasizing each other.On the bottle is printed brand name fashion house - sea jellyfish Rondanini, and the color of the packaging - a rich blue, but at the same time discreet cold - just what we needed to visually embodies all the rigor of the perfume composition.

good choice both for themselves and as gifts - a scent of "Versace Pour Homme", the price of which will be pleased with any potential buyer.In modern stores such fragrance bottle is worth about three thousand.Of course, its price may vary depending on the possible volume of the package.In addition, we developed and already offers potential customers a variety of supporting products for men with the same fresh, but persistent odor.