Feel like a hero of the occasion with Gucci «Guilty Intense»

fashion house Gucci has released his first perfume (Gucci №1) in 1970 and since then does not get tired to please lovers of spicy, oriental, and fresh floral scent with new and new compositions.It will focus on the flavors that stands somewhat apart from the main trend of Gucci, but, nevertheless, recognizable by the sweet shade of amber and patchouli - Gucci «Guilty Intense».

These spirits were presented to the world in the autumn of 2011 in tandem with the male toilet water Gucci "Gilti Pour Homme Intense."Touting novelty Hollywood stars Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans.As explained by Chief Creative Officer public house Frida Giannini, the composition - a more intense version of the fragrance was released a year ago «Guilty» Gucci.The concept remains the same: «Guilty» in translation from English means "culprit."But what is the culprit?There is a play on words: the culprit as a prankster (smell, no doubt, naughty and even provocative), and the hero of the occasion (as alluring aroma, hypnotizing, e

ye-catching).In the version of "Intensive" these qualities are reinforced and sound on the brink of a foul.

Who will "wear" the fragrance Gucci «Guilty Intense», if not cocky, self-assured and brave woman, passionate and at the same time wise.The smell is not sweet and light, but because young girls romantic mindset should be on it for the time being refrain.But he is happy and liberated young ladies who love being in the spotlight.Glamour party girl using droplets of spirits even more will show his qualities.Feminine sexuality mixed with modern audacity and charisma - is not explosive ingredients neighborhood?Lady "dressed" in this fragrance, attracting aura of adventure and dangerous game.

Now open stylish bottle, with gold shining faces, which flaunts a logo in the form of two letters «G».Put on the wrist drop of eau de parfum (precisely this concentration produced Gucci «Guilty Intense») and sniffed.Bright juicy mandarin, so fresh, so naughty, and behind it is immediately followed by a spicy and hot pink pepper.And the latest in the "Intense" is much more than a classic "Gilti."The composition is made more vivid and provocative proportions.The base of the fragrance are the favorite brand Gucci amber and patchouli which create a passionate and sensual backdrop for major cardiac chords.

At first it seems a cacophony: delicate floral scent of lilac, spring heliotrope, modest violet and innocent lily with sweet peach and oriental aphrodisiacs.But no - the composition looks very organic.Perfumed water Gucci «Guilty Intense» reviews describe as the most fascinating and alluring fragrance of the year.Pleased with what products are available in bottles of various sizes (30, 50, and 75 milliliters).

Eau de toilette for men Gucci «Guilty Intense» no less vivid and provocative than the fragrance for women.It's the smell of a confident gentleman who knows how to love and never rest on our laurels.Powerful, strong, dizzy ... but at the very core of his for a moment, suddenly reopened tender and touching note of lavender.In the men's version, as well as in women's, keynote sounding amber and patchouli and citrus fruits (lemon and orange blossom).Naturally, in the choir intertwined fern-woody aromas of coriander and cedar - is not without cost, no one song for the stronger sex.But, as has been said, lavender and neroli allows you to see the macho vulnerable and sensitive heart.