Givenchy Play for Her - bright lights flower sweets

Givenchy back in 2010 and had prepared a presentation of the new trendy, stylish and seductive feminine fragrance called Givenchy Play for Her, who was able to distinguish a spectacular overflow fragrant flower sweets on a background of warm bliss woody notes.

must say that Givenchy Play for Her was the female version of perfume by Givenchy aromatic line Play, and as the eccentric release, was released in two flavors - weightless and velvety Play for Her and more intense Givenchy Play for Her Intense.

It should be noted that the authors of sexy tuned to the wave sladostrasnoy "Games for Her" - Emil Koppermann Lucas Syuzak in the company of Francois Dons, art director of Parfums Givench, created a soulful, exuding joy and nepodvlasnost smell."Givenchy Play for Her" has a very bold notes to impress, captivate and stay elusive celestial heights.

's Cathedral and vibrant East composition Play for Her Givenchy, as well as in the version of "Games" for men designed around notes Schimmelia oleifera, f

illing scent deep tenderness with mild sweetness muscovite.Fresh, with a viscous nuance of visual and fine orange face, in a phased combination with woody flavor is delicate, with a glamorous glow halo of honey.

The "heart" of the female odor «Play for Her» has been added to the elegant wood-musk note amyris enriched subtlety sweet taste, which is quite accurately complements the overall bouquet of flavor.

It should be noted that a set of exotic tiare and orchid extracts which gentle feminine arms coats delicious and sexy aroma of sweet vanilla.Having tasted the smell of Givenchy Play for Her, in memory pops flavor chewing gum, which are bright and liners are the undisputed object of nostalgia for the past 90 years.

sandalwood, patchouli and sweet smells of deep notes tonka bean - the basic components of an aromatic composition, they create a cozy and noble train of unexpected residual caramel aftertaste and spicy transparent taunts.

is worth noting that the exterior design of the bottle for the female fragrance Play for Her is made in accordance with the relevant elements created specifically for line Play image simulated under the current audio device - MP3-player, which is recognized as an accessory of any modern young lady.

«Saucy pink" bottle of perfume from Givenchy, framed glamorous silver jewelry, with upgraded subtleties and nice smooth lines, represents a clean, trendy design "fragrance, created specifically for the game of women's fluid."

main developer of the concept - Serge Manso - recreated "luxurious and elegant object of this woman's passion and desire based thin technologies."Sponsored

persons line of fragrances Play Givanchy became popular singer and actor Justin Timberlake, who is a well-deserved fronted male fragrance lines, as well as his company was well-known Canadian actress and fashion model Noot Seear.

Thus, the cosmetics brand Givanchy confirmed its high status as a leader among manufacturers of fragrances is not only high-end novelties, but also the right choice for the face of the advertising promotion.