Inner harmony with the Guerlain Idylle

Since then, in 2009 launched a new line of perfumes Guerlain «Idylle», comments do not stop, "sing the ode" these flavors.It all started with the fact that the fashion house came a young and ambitious perfumer Thierry Wasser, who joined the last scion of the dynasty of Jean-Paul Guerlain.Wasser understood that successful debut largely determines the future career, and therefore tried to make the first "Idyll" was a masterpiece.Name meets contents of a bottle: from the first notes you feel peace, joy of life, inner harmony.

Despite the fact that Guerlain Idylle intended for a target audience of young and active modern women, found inspiration in ancient mythology Wasser.The scent was inspired by the legend of Zeus' love for the beautiful Danae.Transformed into a golden rain, "the father of the gods" sprinkled on the bed of his beloved.Therefore, the fragrance immediately characterized as a luxury, expensive.He did not fussy, not flashy and kitsch.History fragile love embodied in a composition in whic

h the dominant note in favor rose.And not one, but several of their varieties, which, in combination with other floral scents and chypre accords create this idyll.

Alchemist Thierry Vasseur invented the real elixir of love.Experimenting with roses, it is to isolate such varieties, which, in addition to floral odors to fragrance and fruit.So, based on Guerlain Idylle lay petals from Bulgaria 2008 harvest, carry the colors of ripe raspberries and exotic lychee.To this was added another flower rose - grade Plessis Robinson, also with fruit chords.The floral bouquet intertwined as jasmine, lily, lily of the valley spring gentle, refined freesia, lilac and spring strict peony.All this clear, fresh floral rain poured on the warm, languid bed of musk and patchouli.

composition Guerlain Idylle luxury, charming, memorable.It is impossible not to admire.Spirits provide its owner an aura of quiet confidence in the power of their own charm and magic attraction.Flex, slightly sweet, warm surrounding splash of patchouli with a hint of jasmine.The dominant rose vibrating echo gradually extinguished.A lover of flower arrangements mark resistance flavor (since part of the amber) and a great bottle, created by designer Ora Ito.

Fragrance Guerlain Idylle was released in the form of a toilet and Eau de Parfum.This smell is optimal for women under forty years, and it is suitable for daily output and for special occasions.On the evening gowns composition "sounds" luxury, like a precious cashmere, and urban clothing - easy and romantic as silk scarf fluttering in the spring breeze.

advertise new fragrance by two videos, where as the mythical love couples (Zeus and Danae) starring jazz guitarist Tom Dyutronk and actress Nora Arnezeder, fashion house took up variations.In 2011, just two were presented compositions by Guerlain: «Idylle Duet» and «Idylle Eau Sublime».They retained the concept of divine splashing rain, but in "Duets", which is also called «Jasmin-Lilas», there is the spirit of the "Thousand and One Nights."Sweet scents of jasmine sambac India, which had previously only been used in Hindu religious rituals are truly revolutionary.Their provocative languor softened chastity delicate white lilacs.