Life, Death, Memory

In Christianity, the death of a person - a mandatory transition between life in the human world and the life beyond the grave.Death is constantly robs people of their earthly all past, present and future , their dearest loved ones.However, for those whom death is stolen, people are rarely remembered, too, as if by stealth, in themselves, quietly, as if afraid of repeated heavy losses.For such a secretive attitude to their deceased relatives, probably has his reasons: Christian preference for better endure grief in itself than to share it with the world;the consequences of mutual distrust everyday even between native people;determine the effect of the terrible betrayals minded in times of Soviet repression.If even take into account the proverb: "The dead speak either good or nothing" - that in general it turns out that people may say about his native umerschih very few good words, so it is completely silent about them.
When one abstains to talk about his life or those of loved ones, for whom death

is only ever come, this is due at least in that he feared for his own safety and their personal data.But those who have crossed the border of eternity, no longer bound as all living things, the protection of their personal data or the satisfaction of some mercantile interests.The dead need only a good eternal memory of himself, as well as forgiveness, if something is done wrong in his lifetime.Apparently, this is the best value in the human world, and the main task of his memory.The same imperative is inherent in living people, as the death and the Court alike are coming to them.Unfortunately, the soul of the deceased person instead of the constant spiritual support, memories and experiences that she only eats and flees, gets from his friends and relatives forced silence limited and as a result the gradual oblivion.Perhaps the demons enjoy this mutual "concentration camp" division of the living and the dead people.
Despite the inevitable end of any human life, the Russian cemetery and the church filled for the memorial dates only 1- 2 days a year.All this testifies to the almost indifferent attitude of modern people to the memory of their loved ones, their own for the upcoming transition to the other world and to the memories of the future descendants currently.
memory of the life and death of loved ones - this is the spiritual value that people have long and can save forever.Although the Internet - a powerful information archive and an ambulance from any oblivion but adequately preserve and maintain their memory of loved ones during their lifetime and after their death almost none of our contemporaries do not try.The basis for this assertion may be, for example, one of the most authoritative international Internet resources - catalog, which with all vysokobrazovannoy 150 timillionnoy our country had accumulated only 20 Russian family of family sites.If family is the basic element of society, it is regrettable empty his condition.All other mass media, in contrast to the pre-revolutionary practice, too, do not publish the announcement of the death of and short stories life of ordinary people, but only in words acknowledge that the life of each of us - a unique and invaluable.
Yet now our future with web-memory has not, as before, the deaf, blind and dumb in relation to the ordinary people living in the past and the present.To do this, set up an online resource where you can almost free to create a family site in which to restore the pedigree of the family, to support the memory of dead relatives, to publish not only the announcement of the death, but also the history of their lives, evidence of their personal qualities, hopes and successes,post photos and videos.This family site unites a people to a common past and future, includes and extends the communication between other relative and friends, helps to correct spiritual problems and mistakes in the relationship between people, promotes the search for missing persons, allows to establish new useful contacts, maintains mutual understanding between different generationsand needed good relations with each other in the family.Confidentiality of personal information in the messages filtered by site and managed by the users themselves, to defend their own individual password at will.
value of each person in your family history, memory and increase public welfare, if this is actively used family sites, personal pages. Pedigree your family, yourself, your family, people close , friends, loved ones, good friends will not be lost and forgotten because of the imminent death of devastation and "Silence of the Lambs", but will take their rightful place in the memory of your descendantsthanks to modern information technologies.This must end while spreading the stones on which the life time of mutual alienation, breaking off relations because of small misunderstandings, public misunderstanding, mistrust and neglect between generations, between the family and loved ones.
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