How to Pack Gift Originally, humor or official

Theater greets us with a hanger, and the holiday - a gift.And the gift is also in turn meets its "odyozhku", ie packaging.To know how to pack a gift, you need everyone.After all, in the design of prepodnosheniya expressed the attitude to the man, who is a surprise.

about how to issue a gift, we can talk for a long time.But the main thing - it is, of course, accuracy and attention.Suppose you put a plastic bag in a simple box of chocolates, but the package is new with a nice pattern: perhaps congratulatory, or just with flowers.But you can buy on March 8 ladylove dorogushchee wine and stick it to the old package with a Christmas picture yet.Who cares?The important thing is that the note did not leave without attention girlfriend!

Pozovёm aid a sense of humor!

It is fundamentally wrong!Of course, in life anything may happen: an unexpected invitation to visit, bought a gift hurry and on the counter, as luck would have stayed alone outdated bags with New Year's greetings.Well, in this case, you will .

.. tongue and quick wit!And also - a sense of humor.

necessary to be able to negotiate an original offering.For example, to express the idea that even on New Year's dream to meet this lady even bought a gift, but turned out to be not destiny.And today the giver happy at last that his dream has come true!

sometimes wags joke on your friends, packing a tiny little thing into a huge mass of papers and papers.And only at the end thinking how beautiful wrapped gift.Presenting a surprise, the donor offers to expand aggressively master packaging.How much laughter and jokes funny sounds while unfolding one after the other newspapers with a gift!

can use personally made gift box.This, incidentally, is not difficult!For the basics, you can use ready-made boxes from the fans or centrifuges not small, but not too large.Cut a window in a box, a box of colored paper paste over, as if it were a kiosk, and put his head out the window a little dolls - saleswoman.And you can go even further, and in the window to paste your picture, they say, Here I am, and here is my gift!Then it is exactly, to bestow will never forget that you presented to him!And do not confuse your other offerings.

How to pack a gift designed for serious people

But if the gift is meant a serious person, for example, or the mother-in chief, then there could be a better jokes aside!And the question: "How to pack a gift?" - One of the most important in this situation.Yes, here it is necessary to consider all the details.

Firstly, the package must be reserved for special foil or elegant colorful paper.Typically, such materials are saleswoman colors.They are extremely beautiful, pretty easy to fold and sealed with tape.But pay heed to the pictures depicted on the packaging.It is not necessary to give serious man gift, wrapped in "bunnies" or in foil with hearts.Also, do not shock and a lady - boss, of course, if you have her no close trusting relationship ...

There you should buy a ribbon for tying wrapped up boxes or ready-made bows.Women are appropriate fix pack using ribbons of various caliber.But men better just strictly rewind gift ribbon and secure it with tape or a or a stapler.By the way, very often the sellers themselves are packed gifts to customers, and they do it well.

Small gifts and money, can be packaged in an envelope that is either also buy or make himself.

How to Wrap a gift in an envelope

It is not difficult!Prepare a beautiful paper envelope.

  1. Put the sheet vertically, so that he was to you at a party.
  2. Fold back to him on both sides of 1 cm.
  3. bottom bend to his third sheet upward.
  4. Glue an envelope of bent rim.
  5. Arrange with scissors the top of the envelope triangle or a flower

That envelope ready!And you can decorate it "wax" or so-called seal.Of course, instead of the wax should be used plasticine circle, on which you can write something.We obtain very original!