In memory of a loved one site.

Over the years, the market of business offered a host of new options for the installation of various monuments to the grave deceased relatives.Here you and exciting new concrete monuments are not just standard geometric shapes, and made with a creative approach to the so necessary in this case highlight.Including the most interesting monuments - granite, black or red granite.

Now imagination of the customer and artists in stone in no way limited.And we see the results of their work - were just fabulous burial complex, which combines the work of artists with works in stone, metal artists, blacksmiths.These monuments of Zaporozhye.And the artists in stone - yes, that's what I call the creative people who embody their imagination and our reality in works of art of stone - are increasingly showing their capabilities.Emancipation offer luxurious materials for creative work, they may be limited only by their talent.I feel closer to my town, so I compare the old monuments on graves, and the work that offers,

for example, the artists on the stone of the company "Monuments of Zaporozhye."

But life does not stand still.There are new ideas and materials.New technologies, solutions penetrate the daily life very quickly.I can not imagine that there will be in perpetuating the memory and manufacturing sites in the next 50 years.But the idea of ​​a modern, yet completely impossible some 15-20 years ago, is already confident about yourself stated.It - site storage.Yes, the Internet is already quite a lot of websites that are dedicated to the memory of the dead loved one.

course, directly on the grave can be only physical monument, the same monument of granite.And it is needed.Let it will not be very expensive, but if attendance grave, tidy, all alive, immediately growing flowers - the expression of their bad memory.People find a good possibility of installing a monument even in the times of crisis.Sometimes around himself denied.

But how many friends or the same classmates come to the grave, for example, so early deceased in an accident of a young man at least once a year?I remember when I was a reunion, classmates, we visited the grave of one of our own.And on the second visit to the graves have no time left.That was postponed to the next meeting, which takes place every five years.Especially as we had been before.But over time, fewer and fewer of our going, more and more are gone forever.And life has scattered all in different cities and countries.And the meeting is not always come, even those who strongly wants to come.

And the presence of a site of memory would visit the virtual grave more or less regularly, even those overseas.Comments to leave.Remembering conscientious deeds and adventures.Those virtual flowers to the grave lay.Photos added that parents may not have seen before.What a bad idea?Just wonderful in all respects.

point is not in the physical presence in a particular grave in a memorial days, and the next in the souls of friends and acquaintances.I think it would be good right on the granite monument to carve site address to know absolutely suspended.Although the appearance of each such site classmates and friends recognize each other instantly.