Hair oil: reviews and recommendations

hair oils, reviews the use of which is very positive, are the most popular means for the care of hair at home.Why should they?How to use these wonderful tools and how to choose them?Everything in order.

Hair Oil: reviews of those who help fight dandruff and accelerate hair growth

One of the most popular oils can be considered as burdock.This is due to several factors.First, this tool has been known for a long time, and our grandmothers used it, which means that the effect of the drug tested more than one generation.Second, the effect is universal.Burdock oil helps to combat problems such as slow growth of hair loss, dandruff and scalp diseases, and improves the overall condition of the hair.The second most popular in this category may be called castor oil.It also fights dandruff and accelerates hair growth, but in addition with constant use you may notice a significant thickening of each hair, ie, increases the amount.

Hair Oil: reviews of those that restore the overall structure

In this section we will focus on coconut oil, almond oil, as well as grape seed oil.These tools are most commonly used to strengthen, nutrition or hydration hair.Their properties are similar, but each in its own original way.For example, almond oil is good fights against dryness and makes the hair fluffy, as well as to some extent it enhances the growth.Coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair, thereby aligning its structure, whereby the hair becomes smooth and soft.Grape seed oil is also used for food and moisture, but everything else, it gives a lively and incredible natural shine.As for the cosmetic oils, then this task copes company "Elsa" (hair oil, only positive reviews, is available in almost every series of shampoos, conditioners and masks).It's safe to say that it enhances the action of all funds in the comprehensive care.

Hair Oil: reviews and recommendations for applying

It should immediately be noted that all the oil should be applied correctly.For this we need a plastic cap, warm cap or towel.So, first of all the oil should be warm, i.e. it must be kept warm when applied to the scalp.Then it must be absorbed by the roots (if required), and then spread over the length (the hair should always be clean).All this under the wrap polyethylene and a warm hat / towel.Leave the mask can be at night.Rinse it will be difficult: it is best to use a baby shampoo or diluted in water, salt, since it is well breaks down fats.

So, now you know that the hair oil is very beneficial, with both basic and essential (for example, oil beat hair, which reviews only positive).Suffice it to adhere to a few simple rules and regularly to make masks, and be sure your hair will thank you for the care.