Mowing waiter, or How to become brighter?

Modern fashion finds different solutions for women who want to stand out from its surroundings thanks to the bright appearance.Mowing the waiter will help you achieve this goal, because to do this hairstyle can only confident women.If you decide to finally abandon all traditional and bored, the waiter hairstyle is perfect to radically change the image.Once she was stunning all his eccentricity, but now it is seen as feminine and elegant hairstyle.

What it represents haircut waiter?Translated from the French name hairstyle translates as "boy."It is not hard to guess that the girl because of her becoming boyishly mischievous.As absurd as it sounds like, but it makes the women are very elegant and charming due to its length.The open neck visually pulls and careless styling adds a lightness and airiness.That is why the waiter hairstyle gives the image of femininity and attractiveness.It should be noted that the main advantage of this hairstyle is the expression - all the features of your face will suddenl

y become visible.Especially your eyes will be in the spotlight because of this haircut.

Short haircuts Garson: Photos

difference this from other short hairstyles that bangs his head and whiskey are processed using thinning shears.All the charm of hairstyles - in the neat contours of which are quite difficult to achieve.For this reason should consult a professional.

To go short haircut waiter?She will decorate the narrow thin face.Well, this hairstyle will look on the women delicate constitution.It will add femininity and girls sports type.

There are many options for hairstyles waiter.For example, there is the simplest - with side parting, as the men.Also a lot of pilings such hairstyles.For example, you can wind the hair on curlers to give them volume and lightness.

Besides the short version of this hairstyle, you can approach a classic bob-waiter, who performed at medium hair.So if you decide to change your style, you can do it, gradually moving from the Bob the waiter to waiter short haircut.So you'll understand if you fit this hairstyle, and decide for yourself whether you want to further shorten the length.

Just want to warn that this must be chosen hairstyle hair color.Of course, you must pay attention to the trend of 2013, so that your image was fashionable and relevant.So today is to give preference to a more natural and natural shades.But if you want to add some color and brightness, and you can experiment with creative colors.

As I said, cutting the maximum waiter emphasizes facial features.It therefore should be careful in applying makeup.One can barely use makeup, because the person has become more expressive due to shearing.If you have problems with the skin of the face and neck, then you need to put on their tonal basis because haircut involves the bare area of ​​the neck and face.