Rare names - good or good?

All parents want their child was special and happy.Selecting the name of your baby, they deliberately predict for him his fate: personal life, career, creativity.Parents expect that the name will help him in life and generate some traits.Currently popular names no longer have the importance that existed in the society a few years ago.Whereas previously children were named in honor of the memory of close relatives, famous people or angels, it is now more urgent rare names.

In choosing a name should be guided by a very important principle - how comfortable the child will feel among peers, whether it is consonant with the name and patronymic.It is best to know in advance the value of a rare name.Poor comparable name and patronymic create neorganichno in nature, violate the integrity of the self-esteem and attract unexpected situations.Such a person does not know what to expect from life itself, he seems to be fashioned from pieces of mosaic.It should also be understood that a child with a rare name wil

l strongly stand out, which can affect its character.It can be both a leader and a loner.

sometimes rare names sound so that unpleasant irritating.It may be foreign, biblical, mythical or new (artificial) names.People with names often are prone to psychological disorders.As a child, a child with a rare name will be subject to peer ridicule, therefore, his emotional state will be in power voltage and self-defense.He will have all the time to prove that he is a normal person.In the future it will affect the behavior of nature and respect for people.Gradually, it will develop resentment, aggression, ambition, treachery and revenge.

People with rare names, often unhappy in family relationships, as the feeling of love have been etched in my childhood, and distrust in the minds of well established.They are prone to cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.At best, these people change their name.At worst - are living with complexes in behavior.

But do not all owners have received the rare names, mow with the same brush.There is a reverse situation, when a man proudly wears the name of a rare and gets a lot of popularity and fame.His name is once again trying to name children born, and over time this name is no longer considered rare.Typically, this refers to the strong personalities who do not focus on such features and comfortable with the strange accord.

In modern society, noted that the trend with rare names began to change.Just twenty years ago, rare names for girls were Anastasia, Darya, Maria Angelina.And now every fifth girl wears these names.A few names of the boys - Daniel Bogdan, Hleb, Matthew found among young men more often than Andrew and Sergey.

Scientists have long noticed that the name of the person in it stimulates the energy.For example, Aristarchus - will always have a cautious attitude to women and men, Arkhipov - will be in constant motion and dynamics, Elisha - a supporter of a peaceful companies and lover of women more than platonic feelings, Lisa - will have great mental abilities and dedication.