Family coat of arms as a symbol of sorts

Middle Ages - one of the most unique periods in world history.It was at this time a lot of new traditions, which have since been faithfully complied with lots of noble families.This, in particular, the custom to create unique heraldic symbols for the upper classes of society.Since then, family crest have come to occupy a special place in the symbolism of every noble kind.

Similar heraldic emblem had a special meaning.They described the character traits of the family, social status, financial situation and the kind of services to the Fatherland.In Russia, family crests appeared only in the late XVII century, during the reign of Peter I, who have borrowed the tradition of European states.

family crest were extremely rich and noble members of society.Such generic character was created in several stages.The first of these was to check the actual and officially confirmed by written documents merits family to the state.Accordingly, the family, who did not have such merit, could not have its own coat

of arms.The second stage - this is the development of the family emblem.This is a very important step in the creation of a family symbol.In the future, the image must be in harmony some basic elements set heraldic science.The central element of any arms - a shield.It is always located in the center of the logo and the symbol of strength and power of the family, the ability to defend their interests.Above the shield must have been depicted helmet knight, is a courage and bravery of the family.An integral part of the family of any such characters were decorations in the background - a variety of patterns and swirls and ribbon with the motto of the shield.

family crest, among other nuances that were created using the primary colors: red, gold, blue and white.In heraldry, the red color has several interpretations.On the one hand, a rebellious, revolutionary and radical views of family members.On the other hand, the color red may symbolize the temperament and passion.

Gold - another color, which often were painted coats of arms.Family emblem of the color is a reflection of the wealth and nobility of sorts, his greatness.

have blue very many different values.It symbolizes honesty and sincerity, and the glory and the greatness of his owners.Because of this many-sided interpretations, all shades of blue and are so popular for creating a family symbol.

family crest, where there is white, talk about fairness, justice and wisdom of sorts, as well as the purity and chastity of his representatives.

After relatives were determined colors and logos components, coat of arms sent away to the authorities for approval.After this procedure, the process of working on it and has been completed.

today is much easier than in the Middle Ages, to create a family crest.Pictures character that is great variety, can be a great source of inspiration.So, every modern person may apply to the Heraldry Society, where he will help create the family emblem.