Guerlain "Meteorites" - sparkling miracle!

powder into spheres Guerlain "Meteorites" for many years considered among religious make-up.It is produced in small batches, and each such limited edition collectors begin to hunt.However, there is a whole line of Guerlain "Meteorites", which consists of three permanent shade of balls.

New technologies

Loose powder in the form of balls first appeared at the end of the last century.Products were colorful and had a scent of violets.Home was very interesting - the specialists Guerlain benefited cinematic technology.The white beam of light passing through a prism splits into various shades.A set of colors is able to recreate the perfect shade that can disguise the shortcomings and make the facial features visually softer.

revolution in decorative cosmetics

Thus, Guerlain opened secret of perfect skin, drawing attention to the fact that the colors complement each other, are neutralized.Therefore, each color peas Guerlain "Meteorites" has its own role: refreshing pink, green masks reddened skin, or

ris reflects light, white brightens, and gold and pearl make the face magically glowing.This discovery will make a real revolution in the production of cosmetics.For the release of Guerlain "Meteorites" was designed by a special mechanism, as before in the cosmetic market has not been anything like it.

pharmacological mechanism

creators of this fabulous powder borrowed the idea from pharmacists and made the device, similar to that which produces drugs in tablet form.The mechanism in the form of a cylinder through rigorous movements uniform mixed paint, talc and water.


However, the ability of the unit is somewhat limited.So it took to make and human skills to beads Guerlain "Meteorites Perles" getting the right size and smooth.Interestingly, each jar is filled manually.And this is done only after the required number of "meteors" of all colors carefully weighed.After the launch of "Meteorites" Guerlain, a variety of known and unknown brands began to copy "Les Météorites".They continue to do so even today.

new packaging

recently been updated package.Now the amazing colored balls are manufactured in a special metal powder compact.Its lid is decorated with embossed rosette - the trademark of the famous brand.It comes with or puff, or a special brush or sponge rubber, depending on how soft and loose balls once limited series.Sponzhikom protects them from being in transit they are not dangling.

final touch

Pearl beads must be applied very thin layer on the prepared person.It is the finishing touch to the skin look radiant and well-groomed - a so-called photoshop effect.

Powder mattes and gently illuminates the face, as if a light pink veil.However, it is better not to get involved in its application.Otherwise, the person will be great, because some elements of the white balls can become highly visible.More can be added to the cheekbones using powder as a highlighter, or under the brow to make the radiant not only skin, but also believe.