A classic Italian flavor Ttrussardi "Donna"

Italian brand Trussardi is known worldwide.It all started in 1910 when a young man named Dante Trussardi has organized its own production.

first products were leather gloves.Leather became willing to sell well, thanks to the high quality of workmanship and original execution.It took a few decades before the name Trussardi sounded outside Italy.First gloves of the finest soft leather bags and then luxury clothing, and only in 1984, the first perfume.

lovers of fine fragrances certainly know the name Ttrussardi "Donna".This perfume - one of the most famous released ever fashion house Trussardi.Incredibly delicate, bold, yet elegant - the flower scent inspires, touches and fascinates.

Released in 1994, the fragrance Trussardi "Donna" - is a unique female fragrance that combines the Italian glamor, incredible tenderness, elegance, sensuality and sexuality.It is difficult to find other spirits who with the same force would express the brightness of the Italian temperament.It is no coincidence he love

d no accident experienced a rebirth in 2011, 100 years after the formation of fashion house Trussardi.

Since the inception of the brand, its founders were working on their own style.Trademark was chosen the English Greyhound.It is her dynamism, grace and beauty reflect the individual style of the designer.Branded bags, luxury clothes, and then the perfume "Trussardi" were actively sold in the shops of Milan.And everywhere they wore the emblem of the original unchanged.

Now with this beautiful brand name gained popularity far beyond the borders of Italy.Perfume "Donna" Trussardi re-released in 2011 in honor of the centennial of the fashion house.For connoisseurs of luxury fragrances difficult to imagine a more generous gift.One of the most beloved and recognizable flavors Trussardi "Donna" wins the main notes of depth and no less elegant train.

Interlocking subtle sounds of bergamot and patchouli leaves, lilies and sweet jasmine, lotus and lemon, vanilla and sandalwood excites and captivates the heart.Not surprisingly, loved the flavor, many are unwilling to part with it for many years.This complex composition conveys energetic temperament of Italian women, their passion and sexuality.

Undoubtedly, perfume Trussardi "Donna" appreciate bright woman.First, the flavor may seem a little harsh, but a few seconds later, he dissolved elegant bouquet, and a plume of striking in its beauty, strength and depth.Oddly enough, but this complex composition is easy to understand.It can be a powerful weapon in the hands of a fragile woman, giving her confidence and fortitude.Becoming a classic Italian style, the spirits of all Trussardi as popular and in demand.Brilliant creators put all the energy of the Italian home in this unique fragrance.

Updated perfume Trussardi "Donna" in a stylish white bottle was created specially for sensual women, confident, and independent luxury.It is these women inspired the masters of the company.Muse House Trussardi refined and perfect!