"Chanel Tender" - the new fragrance from the house of Chanel

finishing touch in the form of either a fatal beauty at all times were spirits.Bright floral, marine, oriental fragrance with sweet breezes, light wave wrap frozen delight of others, when, like a fluttering, their happy owner is moving forward in life.Today introduced cosmetic delights millions of fashionistas without vial favorite perfume is almost impossible.

special place in the list of manufacturers of aromatic elixirs takes fashion house Chanel.It is not just a brand name, a whole era, a historical landmark, the cornerstone of the world of fashion and its components.No wonder that under this brand go global one of the best spirits.Their distinctive feature - not only the excellent quality and durability, but also a rich palette of shapes and flavors that reflect the latest fashion trends.They will be thrilled with how eminent critics and ordinary customers.The smell of perfume from Chanel is always difficult, but not overloaded, memorable and not giving it to unravel the secret.

Many flavors of this company have long since become a classic, but well-known firm gives fashionistas a new chance to stand out in the world of harmony and beauty of flavors.In 2010 he was presented a new product - perfume "Chanel Tender" - fresh, nothing on a similar flavor.With the French name translates literally as "tenderness, softness, sensuality".The shade of the product to match the name - a gentle pink.Today, it's a miracle you can buy almost any cosmetic shop, and in a variety of forms: classic perfume and dry, as well as toilet water.You can also choose a bottle of appropriate size.

"Chanel Tender" - a fragrance for women.It is designed for light, playful natures, absolutely feminine and desirable, romantic and daring, world history can turn in the opposite direction.Flavour compositions for lovely ladies, oddly enough, the man took it, of course, French - Jacques Polzh.

At the heart of the song "Tender Chanel" citrus notes.Clearly felt most bitter grapefruit, in harmony with it the smell of sweet ripe melon and quince tart.In a few minutes you can experience the main notes of the symphony - the royal smell of jasmine and hyacinth.The database spirits bit counter astringency, which creates a balance courageous cedar and feminine iris.All this is fascinating diversity "Chanel Tender" is able to bring to mind anyone else.

Those who at least once took advantage of these spirits, instantly gave my heart "Chanel Chance tender."Comments about these spirits as the ordinary shoppers and professionals the most that neither is a positive.The aroma is very resistant, it keeps the skin throughout the day in any weather and at any time of the year.The bottle design is very thoughtful and convenient.Of course, he will successfully fit into the overall collection of cosmetics on your dresser.

perfume "Chanel Chance Tender" - the choice of a modern young woman, a perfect companion of a strong man, actively going through life.Those who prefer this smell, can not be wrong.