"Lady Million" by Paco Rabanne

«Lady Million" from the splendid fashion house Paco Rabanne - a female version of flavor "1 Million», who once became so popular among men.The new fragrance was a welcome gift for the beautiful half of humanity.Their output began to wait almost since the advent of the male perfume.The premiere took place in 2010 (two years after the dizzying "debut for the macho").

on European sites (statistically) now this fragrance is a bestseller.The face of the advertising campaign Paco Rabanne "Lady Million" has become a model Dree Hemingway American.

Women's version was inspired by the brilliance of gold and riches.No one can say exactly what it is like to declare the name of the spirits of the fashion house.I wish you a woman who chooses the perfume, make millions, or she is worth all the millions of the world?Clearly, only one - this lady is uncommon, it dominates the surroundings, has an incredible sensuality and strong, fiery character.As you know, perfection is available only elected.

According to the classification spirits "Lady Million" refers to the aroma of flower-fruit group.The composition of smell is complex and multifaceted.It is gradually revealed new notes that overlap with each other, creating a special sensual fragrance.He does not leave indifferent neither women nor men.The scent lasts a long time on the skin, dissolves in the air, creating a wonderful weightless trail pleasant aftertaste.

worked on the creation of perfume outstanding magicians Anne Flipo, Béatrice Piquet, Dominique and Bruno Jovanovic Ropon.In the men's spirits hit the first notes of the scent of roses and spices.They are sensual, courageous.And in combination with complementary intonations of wood, light the trend of leather and patchouli, these spirits are the perfect perfume to create an image of self-confidence, strength and beauty.

In "Lady Million" is clearly felt lively and colorful mixture of floral and woody flavors: raspberry, citron, patchouli, neroli, jasmine, citrus.They are complemented by the magic and the faint smell of honey, which remains expensive velvet loop in the air.Heart notes of the fragrance: jasmine, gardenia, orange blossom.This high-style perfume for refined aristocratic women who know how to use it as a real weapon of seduction.These spirits are incredibly attractive and bright, deep and capacious.Like they have not been in the perfume industry.However, they will have to taste, perhaps not all.But the strong, innovative and strong-willed woman to accurately assess the full range of feelings, which makes this fragrance.

«Lady Million" - spirits high gold bottle, which is clearly associated with luxury and a symbol of the power of diamonds.Aroma elegant, beautiful drop-resistant.This smell for lovers of sweet, intoxicating perfume.It is composed, feminine, unique.Game sweet and tart notes creates a special feeling of pride, luxury, elegance.It is a choice of dynamic, bold, spontaneous, energetic, alive and unpredictable women.

"Try" on this stylish and luxurious fragrance - it will help you show everyone what you stand!