A chance to show tenderness: Chanel "Chance Eau Tendre"

In 1993, the world-famous fashion brand Chanel invented a new fragrance - Chanel "Chance."The smell was, no doubt, expensive, luxury, sensual and memorable.And experts, and the general public appreciated this song.There was only one "but": the flavor more suited to mature ladies evening dresses and democratic trends in fashion demanded something more simple, this is not pretentious.And we must, in the end, something to please green nymphets ... So, first publicized expensive perfumes, then perfumed water and even spray, fashion house began to look for ways to make the classic track "Chance" lighter, fresh and tender.For seventeen years later, there were spirits Chanel "Chance Eau Tendre" and "Chance On Fresh."

names new products speak for themselves: «Tendre» in French means "soft" and «Fraiche» - «freshness."Also, the color of liquids in bottles (which repeat the form of source code) is different from the viscous, amber, warm song "Chance.""Freshness" is a greenish hue, hints, and not without reaso

n, on fresh leaves and grass juice.A Chanel "Chance Eau Tendre" characteristic pale pink color of the nascent dawn.

Author Jacques Polzh embodied in "soft" image of a young girl, whose heart is committed to meet the incoming day.Floral fruity fragrance of youth, the freshness of the arrival of spring, bubble transparency dawn - that's what you hear in this composition.Fragrance Chanel "Chance Eau Tendre" reviews did not call aggressive.That is, it does not dominate over the individual bears his women, but only gently and carefully emphasizes its advantages.And the winner of the very spirits may not notice the smell, but rest assured: light and delicate plume envelops the Parisian flair early in the morning all the people present near.

What is the image of the magician tried to simulate the indefatigable Jacques Polzh?We are seeing a fragile girl standing at the open window of the attic somewhere near the Pantheon and Latin Quarter, inhale the fragrance of flowers, which brings her spring breeze from the Luxembourg Gardens.The image of a romantic, gentle and pure, but not devoid of sensuality.The girl only dreams the unknown prince, her heart is still not given to anyone, but is ready to love.Chanel "Chance Eau Tendre" emphasizes the feminine weakness, which is a formidable weapon, piercing the heart of man through and through.

Spirits do not play a citrus spray, like champagne, but does not look like an expensive, extracted from old wine cellars thick.If you compare Chanel "Chance Eeau Tendre" with a drink, the music is more like a bell, "Riesling" Burgundy "Beaujolais" green "Gascogne" and Hungarian "Tokaj".Light taste, floral and fruity lilt, pleasant scale, slightly tart and sweet aftertaste.

The top note Chanel "Chance Eeau Tendre" - the sweetness of the fruit itself.Quince with pink grapefruit refreshes, but behind them are the heart floral chord.Fragrant jasmine, gentle hyacinth, iris mysterious woven into a fragrant bouquet.The basis of the composition are the woody sensual shades of white musk, amber and cedar Virginia.Timid, delicate, with a light acidity, the flavor will be your first breath.You will be hard to tear myself away from it, like the girl with the advertising poster.