Fine perfumes Versace Versense

great fashion designer Gianni Versace, who was born in 1946 in Italy, founded the famous fashion house.At the age of nine, Gianni created the first evening dress, and at age 18 he became the full owner of the studio of his mother, who taught her son the skills of sewing.In 25 years, Versace is the creator of the whole collection of ready-to-wear for the famous fashion houses (Complice, Callaghan, Genny).His works are striking yet unusual style, grace and beauty.Women dressed in his dress, feel queens.

In 1978, fashion designer and his brother Santo opened Fashion House, and there are a collection of clothes for women that dazzles with bright colors, natural materials and great style.With so many positive reviews, its name has become world famous.After this successful presentation, Gianni produces and men's clothing.

All his achievements were based solely on the uniqueness of their own style, he was able to harmoniously combine incongruous materials and present them in a classic variation.All the

works were imbued with sexuality, that is what brought him clothes so popular.The highlight of his style are the drapes.Versace's favorite material was leather, it complements it all sorts of clothing, giving it notes audacity and integrity.But, in addition to modeling clothes, Gianni created porcelain, watches and perfumes.After his tragic death to lead the company was his sister.

exquisite perfume from Versace

Not so long ago a popular brand, a new feminine version of the eau de toilette - Versace Versense.Spirits are perfect for young ladies, they are imbued with notes of freshness.After applying the lasting fragrance on the skin a feeling of lightness and freedom will not leave you all day.

Versace Versense - versatile fragrance that will appeal to women who prefer fresh scents.It is quite appropriate for a business environment, a romantic date and a casual walk.In the composition of perfumes Versace Versense currently prevails spring mood, notes coastal wind madness smells of nature, and all this in combination with a tart meadow flowers and garden plants.From such an amazing and unusual combination of uplifting the soul overflows with positive emotions.

Perfume Versace Versense went on sale in 2009, they immediately won the attention and the love of women.The fragrance enchants for its floral-woody notes and musk.Perfect harmony of mandarin and bergamot filled with life-giving energy and gives natural freshness.And the notes of sandalwood, cedar, musk and olive add the image of elegance and femininity.The attractiveness and sensuality will add cardamom and white lily, jasmine.

Subtle flavor notes of Versace Versense multifaceted, they are woven from a variety of energy smells, so are works of art.Initially, there is a slight citrus wave, which gradually subsides, after which there is already warmer shades.The fragrance can be compared with the first smell of greenery.

Eau de Toilette comes in an elegant rectangular bottle in different volumes - 30, 50, 100 ml.Luxury decorative elements (in the form of a cap made of white metal with Greek ornament and emblem of the Medusa Rondanini) emphasize the sophistication of perfume Versace Versense.Reviews enthusiastic shoppers.The aroma seems to be saying: "Breathe in the spring!".