Carolina Herrera CH - the smell of romance and adventure!

What do you think, what flavor can come from the clothes of the young, cheerful man with a slight hint of adventure in the nature and a passion for travel and adventure?What smells associated with distant countries, tailwind, daring discoveries, dangers and victories?Yes, the very spicy, heady, which are so characteristic of the perfumes that creates Carolina Herrera.

Fragrances for Him

Carolina Herrera CH

- wonderful men's fragrance with the very scent of what we have tried to describe above.Released for general consumers in 2009, the year it was designed as a couple to the female line of Carolina Herrera "CH Women" and it became a harmonious complement (while still being perceived as a self-made flavor).Appearing on the shelves, this eau de toilette for men excited the many connoisseurs of luxury perfumes, not only among the male part of the world, but also, surprisingly, women.A huge number of ladies immediately and unconditionally decided that their elected representatives Carolina Herrera CH - the best smell, which only you can pick up.Most of his followers remain faithful to the selected line and do not change the toilet water to another.Try to understand what is the secret of such a demand for this perfume.


Bouquet combines the attractiveness of masculinity, elegance, charm and modernity.Aroma resistant but light, deep, unobtrusive.But do not feel or be confused with another fragrance Carolina Herrera CH impossible.Connoisseurs, Sophisticated in the smells, immediately razlichat individual characteristic of the fragrance tart and juicy, "funny" notes of grapefruit and bergamot (here it is, the source of joie de vivre of flavor!), Soft sweetness of vanilla and vanilla sugar (memories of home, childhood, sweetbaking for Christmas and birthday), delicate scent of jasmine and cool, fresh - violets, evokes dreams of summer, southern nights under a dark velvet sky, "embroidered" pattern of stars.Analyzing further flavor to the components in the Carolina Herrera CH can catch the spice nutmeg and saffron, so beloved by many women.Because it is so captivating that perfume, along with the classic masculine bouquet of smells of leather, sandalwood and cashmere wood, oak moss and amber.Here it is, the secret of attraction: a combination of tenderness and toughness, floral elegance and masculine confidence.Quite right, those who say: «Chic For Men» can not remain indifferent, literally fall in love with!The nature of fragrance experts define as entailing, disturbing, from the family of woody, amber, oriental.

Perfume knowingly created as a pair of women.Together they form the very unity of opposites, from which is born the harmony of being.Products posed Carolina Herrera - perfume, which is characteristic of some eccentric element of experimentation and risk.Because they are called "spirits for travelers."The aroma is really synonymous with exotic lands, romantic, passion and tenderness, sensual pleasures.

Making toilet water matches the style of the perfume: restraint and brightness simultaneously.Glass bottle square shape, a combination of black with red and white, the white box with the original inscription (logo name) - it looks surprisingly noble, beautiful and courageous