The younger sister with character: Gucci "Eau de Parfum II"

Quite often it happens that the sisters subtly resemble each other, and at the same time, is the direct opposite.This also applies to perfumes, fashion brand Gucci issued under the same "name" - "On de Parfum" ("Eau").Senior - confident, experienced, passionate, and the youngest - existent child: mischievous, windy, direct.This article is dedicated to the young coquette - Gucci "Eau de Parfum II".

However, first it is necessary to say a few words about the older sister to feel distinctly her differences with the youngest.She was born in 2002.Composition Gucci "Eau de Parfum" was the fruit of imagination house perfumer Daniela Roche-Andre.The aroma is truly luxurious, durable, with exciting train.Everything in it, starting with the weighty vial of thick glass, and finishing with hints of oriental aftertaste, talks about success, prosperity, freedom and self-confidence perfume holders.The freshness of orange blossom and heliotrope gives way to gentle iris;that gives way to the oriental spices, thyme

and cumin.But these languorous odors disappear, leaving the base of chypre, warm chords expensive leather, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, incense and musk.The scent is suitable for the cold season (most fully revealed when it is drizzling rain or fog).Ideal for mature ladies.

say that was born two years later Gucci "Eau de Parfum II" - a youth version of the first fragrance, it would not be entirely correct.Firstly, even the authors of different compositions.Above the "little sister" bothered designer Antoine Mayzondyu, which was inspired by oriental scents combined with Western floral-fruity bouquet, which gives a sunny Provence.However, subtle similarities between songs, though, is: it is the eastern concept of the presence of citrus, musk and cedar.

But, in contrast to the older sister, Gucci "Eau de Parfum II" is filled with fruit juices: orange blossom not, and splashes of orange and tangerine, with a little bitter taste of unripe fruit.And there in the cocktail black currants and blackberries.However, the fragrant bottle not as a bank jam: here are woven floral powerful chords - heliotrope, jasmine and white-shy violet.The smell reminds of the days of first love, about the flowering meadows of the cloudless blue summer sky.These high floral notes like flying at low level flight, skillfully interspersed with Lebanese cedar and white musk.

composition Gucci "Eau de Parfum II" lively, playful, but at the same time - not without elegance.Like naughty princess, a charming immediacy in his youth, but it appears aristocracy and the inherent dignity of her noble ancestors.Chic and glamor are presented here in its infancy, an embryonic state.He felt only musk loop that flutters over this fragile pretty girl.

Scent Gucci "Eau de Parfum 2", which is also represented on the market in the form of toilet water, shower gel and lotion, good for women younger than 45. The applied in warm weather, this wonderful composition is refreshing and in winter, on the contrary,warms, revealing more fully their sensual notes.Precious, elegant bottle, wrapped in a simple pink box, once again underlines that the owner of flavor - not simple little cowgirl and frolicking crowned head.