Givenchy Pour Homme - for a true gentleman

Are there any gentlemen today?And if so, what are they?What seems a modern dandy?Solid and noble intellectual, stylish and elegant, with the ideals and principles of this man.It was such a gentleman and fit the fragrance Givenchy Pour Homme, who created Ilias Ermenidis specifically for fashion house Givenchy.

This perfume - the embodiment of style and energy of modern man.This fragrance for decisive and business gentleman with a sense of taste and adventurous streak in the shower.

sparkling and noble

Givenchy Pour Homme - this woody sensuality combined with spicy zest, refreshing citrus notes and freshen the ocean, a light breeze and a breath of summer wind in the forest.This is an elite cocktail of bergamot with grapefruit.Sparkling, yary, rich and at the same time comfortable, spicy due to a combination of pepper and cardamom and unusual because of bitter wormwood.Woody notes of incense, cedar and vetiver it only further ennoble and give a noble finish.

image of a true gentleman

Perfume creates a perfect image of the brave, where women learn the charming and sensual man, and friends and business partners appreciate the fine manners and erudition extraordinary gentleman.By purchasing this amazing scented water, you get a feel for the altitude every day.This perfume take root not only in your home but also in the glove compartment of your car, and in the case, and even in your office.This allows you to refresh yourself at any time.

way, the water Givenchy Pour Homme is available in vials, which differ significantly in terms of volume.In addition, they have a special form, which has been chosen by chance.She invented the designer Pablo Reinoso, making the bottle look like a race car.

From the history of the brand

brand itself, "Givenchy" special needs no introduction.Eau de Toilette Givenchy became a classic, and the product of this brand known all over the world.Many ladies and gentlemen adhere to the style of this brand.
it is known that Hubert de Givenchy le to create new flavors inspired by Audrey Hepburn.Because of this, many fans of the actress choose outfits, accessories and perfume of the firm, such men are often inspired Givenchy Pour Homme.
It is for Audrey Hepburn was created first eau de toilette "Givenchy" in the middle of the last century.Then the brand became one of the places of honor in the world of fragrances.

Purpose Maitre

fate of the founder of this company has been predetermined as a child.His purpose, he realized the pavilion of fashion in Paris as early as the age of ten.But then hardly anyone could imagine that in the future it will create amazing scented water Givenchy Pour Homme.In the 50s of the last century, Hubert traveled to the capital, where he was admitted to the School of Fine Arts.There he met with Elsa Schiaparelli, who made him manager of its fashion boutiques.However, this did not satisfy Hubert, and he opened his business - fashion house Givenchy.
Everything that did Givenchy, was elegant and noble.This included both clothes and perfume.The first collection was presented to the master in 1953.But in 1995 he left the house mode, losing him financial rights.