Perfume Miss Dior - revived the legend

great French brand, "Dior" has already won the hearts of millions around the world.His perfumes and exquisite subtlety.It has no statute of limitations.Today, very young girls come to the delight of flavors "Dior", which were used by their grandmothers.

find legendary Miss Dior refers precisely to this fragrance.The first started in 1947, these spirits were republished many times, and each subsequent version was no worse than the original.Today we'll talk about a few options and you decide which one is best suited to you.The delightful smell of Miss Dior was first presented to the public in 1947 as a complement to the first collection of clothes the great maestro.This presentation will inform the public about the beginning of a new era in the world of fashion.

First Miss Dior perfume bottled in crystal bottle shaped amphoras.Later he became a bottle made of glass and has got a strict rectangular shape.The finishing touch in the design of this odor is a white satin bow.Tied around the neck of the bo

ttle, it symbolizes high fashion.

In 2009, the company produces a completely charming composition - Miss Dior "Cherie L Eau".What is it - new girl Dior?She is radiant and active, elegant and charming.She loves the freedom and space, it can not be something frightening.Her world is painted in pastel shades of paint.It has its own style - the charm and grace transform it into a symbol of delicate beauty of spontaneity and freshness.

bitter aroma reveals notes of juicy orange, which is associated with a delicacy and a prank.Then you feel the intoxicating notes of gardenia luxury, but for her white musk, leaving a feeling of freshness.

This fragrance symbolizes a certain ambiguity.This feeling arises from the gardenia - magnificent flower, which is considered a shining symbol of sincere and faithful love.

Among the many successful discoveries fashion brand Christian Dior Miss Dior "Cherie" can be considered a work of genius of French perfumers.This fragrance is for the young, modern "Miss Dior".He converted to the emotions and feelings.It is a cheerful mix of youth and daring, unexpected and unforgettable.He has a style that is fully consistent with the concept of the fashion house.

Just like the original song, the smell of Miss Dior "Cherie" refers to a family of chypre.Open a fresh and playful scent of green mandarin and bergamot.The author of this luxury odor is Christine Nagel.

Face campaign Dior "Cherie" was chosen as the great granddaughter of Elvis Presley - Riley Kiu.Today, it is the brand "Christian Dior" in the world.

Fragrance is designed for young girls, which has changed little since the days of the original work, but her dreams are still the same.Miss Dior "Cherie" - is forever young classic.

"Miss Dior" - this is high fashion in perfumery.These flavors do not become obsolete, they are always relevant.Women prefer the smell of "Dior" charming.They have fully completed properly.Today, as many decades ago, the company Christian Dior - a symbol of luxury and elegance, refined taste and femininity.Despite the changeable fashion and that the House run by different masters, the values ​​it promotes, eternal - the woman should be luxurious and refined.