Bvlgari Omnia - the fireworks of passion and charm

Luxury, elegance, celebrity, fashion house Bvlgari - all synonyms.Top quality and slim style inherent to each product logo Bvlgari: whether perfumes, watches, jewelry or wine.The year 2003 was marked by the appearance of a new star perfume house - composition Bvlgari Omnia with concise, but so profound meaning: "Everything!".As a real woman who wants all at once, firmly stepping on the road of life and avoiding all the obstacles, without looking back at the past.

Elegance and sophistication - that is what each woman adds fragrance Bvlgari Omnia.Youth with its charm once again play in the way that necessarily young in age, but in the soul of a playful woman.Again wake sincerity of feelings, their faith in the unlimited possibilities, joy and pleasure perception every second of life.All worries and problems with her disappear, seem momentary and it does not matter, bursting like a soap bubble.Like the composition delicious aroma Bvlgari Omnia, it presents all the harmony of the world, which is impregnat

ed with every fiber of its creation, to be near a woman - a true delight!

Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade - toilet water with the essence of tangerine and spicy green pistachios, is able to give his mistress and her people around the true peace of mind, under construction at the same time on the harmony and exciting atmosphere of playfulness owner of this unique fragrance.Mass of positive emotions with positive energy throughout the day provided a perfume Bvlgari Omnia.Learn in the company is a snap so lucky: her eyes are burning, but otherwise it seems to be absolutely quiet, and like the royals - refined and elegant.It is open to all new: it easy to agree on the most daring adventures, but without losing femininity and beauty, remains treacherous seductress, which owns the hearts of all the men around.

Fascinating amethyst with his magical play of helped create Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste - delicious flavor of modernity.The magic of this perfume permeated everything connected with it: and how it blooms bouquet, and packaging of this truly unique flavor, and its image of a happy owner.It is intended primarily for young coquettes, knowing the price of themselves and their skills to deceive.Bouquet him so slowly drop, it emphasizes its extent charming and elegant heart of a young lady.You can not feel no cloying sweetness in the toilet water.The whole philosophy of the amethyst so alluring at the same time, this rebellious and power, hidden in the aroma.These qualities must be inherent to the young lady: the hardness of the internal belief and harmony of the inner world, which can be achieved easily with this wonderful perfume, has a magical effect.

These qualities do not allow too soon to open all the secrets so fragile and yet so inexperienced, but wildly passionate nature.The very essence of Bvlgrai Omnia Amethyste - rivet the attention, because the inner world of fragrance holders steadfast enough and they should be interested.