Blonde or brunette, red or brown hair - hair dye with Igora Royal will bring you all!

Today, not everyone is able to find a hair dye that would fully meet all the requirements.There are bright saturated means that destroy the structure of hair.There are soft colors, which do not damage the hair and gives a beautiful shade to the first shampooing, but then hopelessly washed away, and the resulting color is not the same as we would like.Fortunately, the best solution is, and in this area takes the leading positions cream Igora Royal of "Schwarzkopf".What are its features in comparison with other similar products?

on the part of leading professional hair care, "Schwarzkopf" has long established itself as a manufacturer of quality that keeps pace with innovative product development of European level.Not far behind in this regard and cream Igora Royal for the professional staining.Its use makes it possible to get any, the most original and unique hue without damaging the natural beauty of hair - they look shiny and healthy.

Schwarzkopf Igora Royal presented the three pillars - is superst

oykaya paint, a special agent for the dyeing Fashion + and coloring agent for gray hair Absolutes Anti-Age.Each of them not only cares for any hair, but also due to the presence in its structure of vitamin B7 and natural silica, feeds them, the recovery and strengthens the hair from within.

In addition, as part of a combination of colors present complex Care Complete with vitamin C. This combination allows for a truly stunning results.Vitamin C is responsible for ultrastoykost and full color saturation, and a unique set of Care Complete preserves and protects the hair while coloring.Hair gets the maximum care and healthy shine.Another feature of all funds Igora Royal - it bezammiachnoy foundation that gives your hair up to 70% more shine and health.Even after a couple of weeks curls do not fade.

But the main advantage of this series is the cream-color palette means Igora Royal.It is so vast and varied that even the most well-known manufacturers of cosmetics for the comprehensive care of her hair could envy.

foundation palette is represented in several colors - from black and shatena to different types of blonde and gray hair Absolutes for painting.But the variety of colors Igora Royal - a real wealth, which in the hands of a professional subject to the technology achieves the desired and the most incredible colors.

While the cream is easy to use, and it is easy to use at home, experts recommend to first visit the beauty salon coloring, especially if you decide to change dramatically.Given the variety of colors available, an experienced master will tell you which one to pick up on your hair to eventually get the desired color is gorgeous.

changes only for the better with cream Igora Royal, but remember that certain rules (for example, the test the lack of allergy) should be followed with any coloring agent!