Burberry Weekend - light and airy sunny flavor

harmonious style, developed aesthetic sense - that's what distinguishes the inhabitants of modern cities.Own style of dress, lifestyle and behavior - an important part of the image of the modern woman.A good addition to the image is expertly chosen perfume.In reserve a woman has flavors for all occasions.For every mood loving yourself female representatives have their flavor, allowing her to feel a goddess.

Most women perfume water quality criterion considers recognition of the brand and its popularity, preferring fashion trends fragrance industry.Some prefer to be based on the criteria of price.But it is no secret that perfumery products by Burberry is able to meet the needs of both the first and second groups of consumers.Famous British perfume product likely to appeal to the most demanding customers, adding to their unique way of notes of freshness.Spirits Weekend help a woman create a unique image, and be the center of attention throughout the evening.

Burberry Weekend - a wonderful fragrance

, which is the harmony of the two flavors.Spicy citrus complemented by delicate and light floral notes.Aromas of nature woven into an incredible trail of your charm, complementing the image of urban women, filling it with the freshness of nature and, of course, notes Burberry Weekend.Reviews lovers of light and feminine composition with certainty say that this is an excellent perfume water, created specifically for the female charm, filled with warm sun and indescribable freshness.

center of the composition acts fragrance hyacinth - plants marvelous beauty and excellent flavor.It is complemented by light woody notes of cedar and sandalwood blends with the sweet floral bouquet.

Aromas of Burberry - it's not just a shopping brand in Britain, is a unique collection, which became the living symbol of elegance, style and harmony of the image of the modern woman.

Burberry Weekend - perfume, ideal for every day.The aroma fills the daily life of its owner in bright colors blooming summer.Citrus notes will add a unique feeling of summer sun streaming through the foliage of the morning forest, which is filled with a great number of secrets and mysteries.Indeed, this fragrance will be your amazing mystery, the secret of the perfect modern style inhabitant of the big city.It will create a unique image in the best traditions of English elegance and style.

exclusive women's perfume from Burberry - it is an amazing fragrance of sincerity and harmony.It merged into one rhythm and dynamics of the modern city and the tranquility of a spring forest - two contrasting start in one fragrance Burberry.Weekend fragrance intended for a vigorous and independent, young and dynamic owner.It is in harmony with the environment, and a family.Her heart is filled with genuine love for everything that surrounds it.It is fragrant beauty, radiating warmth and a smile.Her life is filled with the energy of Burberry Weekend.